Imlie 16th April 2021 Written Update: Aditya falls ill


Imlie 16th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Malini asking Aditya why he is going far away from her. He doesn’t even touch her these days. Malini tries to hug Aditya but Aditya stops her saying this is not the right time. Imlie tries to leave from there immediately but tea pot cups fall from her hand. Aditya and Malini hear he noise. Imlie tries to pick them up quickly and Aditya helps her. He says why Imlie has to do all these works. He told her not to do but Imlie wants to impress others. Malini asks Imlie is she fine. Imlie thinks she is feeling heartache. Aditya tells Imlie to fill up her own form as noone in the house will do her work. Imlie leaves from there.

Imlie gets ready to go to college. Tripathis congratulate her. They ask her she has taken everything or not. Imlie says she is not kid. She leaves for admission with Nishant. Aditya notices them and thinks why Imlie left when he promised her he will take her to college.

Imlie gathers dry clothes. Aditya asks her she chose her favorite subjects or not. Imlie gives answers in yes or no. Aditya asks why is she not taking him seriously? He can’t live his life like this. Aditya explains he and Malini have nothing between them. Imlie ignores him. Aditya says if Imlie wants things to continue like this three of their lives will be ruined. He is only keeping the promise he made to Imlie that he won’t hurt Malini. Now what does Imlie want? Imlie goes from there. Aparna tells Aditya to go to Malini.

Dev buys phone for Imlie but finds out that Anu broke it. Dev shares he can’t even gift a phone to Imlie. How will he be able to accept Imlie? Dev mom says his blessings are enough for Imlie.

Nishant and Malini share Imlie’s first college experience. How she was happily looking at the library. She wanted to choose all the subjects. Aditya tells Imlie to pass one dish. Imlie tells Sundar to give it to him. Aditya attends an important call. Imlie goes to bring Rotis. Imlie says to Sita Maiya why she is not able to keep her own promise. Aditya is fulfilling it properly then why Imlie is feeling upset seeing Aditya and Malini. Imlie prays to God that she doesn’t want to get close to Aditya. Aditya talks to Imlie that it’s not easy to remove someone from your heart who already made a place there. Aditya says I also tried but failed to do so. Imlie is seeing Aditya everyday , she can’t forget him. Imlie says then she will close her eyes. After closing eyes also Imlie recalls Aditya only. Aditya says he told her this will happen. Nishant sees them together and grows suspicious thinking why they are behaving awkwardly seeing Nishant.

Next day Malini sees Aditya is lying. He has fever. Malini insists she wants to stay with him but Aditya tells her to go to work as his fever won’t go away if Malini stays. Aditya feels Imlie didnt even come to see him for once. Imlie is not letting Aditya tell the truth to Malini as well. Does she really want to avoid him?

Malini tells Aparna to take care of Aditya. Imlie gets to know about Aditya’s fever. She goes to see him but stops herself from entering his room recalling the promises. But she gets worried for Aditya as well. Aditya looks at the door but gets upset seeing Imlie hasnt come yet.

Imlie makes kadha for Aditya but Aparna says he won’t drink it. He hates it. Imlie tells Sundar but Sundar refuses. Imlie herself goes to Aditya’s room with the kadha.

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