Imlie 16th March 2022 Written Update: Aryan gets into a fight with Aditya


Imlie 16th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Narmada and Arpita telling Aparna that the decorations look perfect just like her. Badi Ma says this is so strange that Aparna and Narmada behaving so nicely with each other when Aparna is the ex mother in law of Imlie. Badi Ma says she has a plan to get rid of Imlie. Gudiya says she can’t handle such sweetness too. Imlie looks sad and Narmada comes to her.

Imlie says she wants to talk to Meethi once but her phone is unreachable. Imlie tries to talk about the truth but Aryan says she is hungry that’s why she is behaving this way. He brings oats for her and asks her to eat. Narmada leaves and Imlie says he is not her boss. He lost right to give her orders and also she can’t eat such light food without spices. So he should leave with this. Aryan calls Aparna, Narmada and Arpita and complain against Imlie that she is feeling shy to eat.

Rupy says that’s not possible. Imlie refuses to eat and makes excuses but they catch her and Aryan feeds her. Later Aryan cleans her mouth with tissue and she pushes him back. She recalls how he cared for her previously. She says with disgust he snatched her best friend. He says she should come on time for the engagement. He doesn’t like to wait, she says she will cancel the engagement anyhow. Imlie leaves and Gudiya flirts with Aryan. Aryan lifts her and moves her aside which surprises her. Badi Ma tells her to focus on the plan.

Rupy and Nishant knock on the door and call Aditya. They get tensed for him and he opens it after some times. He confidently says Imlie belongs to him and she won’t marry anyone else. He decorates his and Imlie’s photos in his room. Rupy and Nishant ask him to not forget that Imlie is moving on and he should congratulate her for her new start. Aditya says he won’t as Imlie only loves him. Badi Ma sets a trap for Imlie when she comes out and looks for a way to not perform the rituals. She says she can’t let Aryan win.

Aryan calls Meethi and the latter attends the function. Aryan says they wanted to give surprise to Imlie to make her happy. Meethi thanks Narmada that they gave so much love to Imlie and accepted her. Imlie is lucky to have Aryan. Aryan thinks he is not that good but he is forcing Imlie to lie to everyone.

Aparna and Meethi share an emotional conversation. Meethi says Imlie was destined to get Aparna’s love. Aparna tells her sorry for Aditya’s act. Meethi calls Imlie to meet her as Aryan feels she will come hearing Meethi’s voice. Imlie is about to enter the house but Badi Ma throws a piece of wood at her leg and Imlie falls down due to that. She faints and they put her in a carton. Everyone looks for Imlie and Meethi notices Aditya is looking at his and Imlie’s photos.

Meethi throws away all the photoframes and asks Aditya why he is trying to make Imlie recall her past. She is trying to start afresh after so long. He says Aryan is forcing her to marry him just like he got married to Imlie one year ago due to villagers. Meethi says she can’t believe Aryan can pressurize Imlie. She says Aditya wont call her Amma from now. Aditya says Imlie can’t forget her first love but Meethi shuts him up. Sundar checks the cartons but fails to see unconscious Imlie.

Meethi meets Badi Ma and Gudiya and recognises them. Badi Ma thinks she is working as a maid in Aryan’s house. Aryan clears her confusion that Meethi is his would be mother in law. She is not a maid but she raised Imlie in the best way. He says sorry to Meethi for Badi Ma’s misbehavior. They search for Imlie. Aryan tells everyone Imlie is not found yet. Gudiya says Imlie has left and found someone else. Aryan warns her to not talk rubbish. Gudiya says he made a mistake by bringing his wife at Aditya’s home. She is missing her ex maybe. Badi Ma stops Gudiya from talking further. She says Imlie is still young and she can change her mind.

Aryan shouts Imlie and he holds Aditya by his collar. He shouts at Aditya saying why he is trying to manipulate Imlie. He gets shocked seeing the photos in Aditya’s room and asks him to not brainwash Imlie. He asks where is Imlie. Aditya says Imlie didnt fall into his trap so she left. Aryan attacks Aditya and everyone separates them. Aditya says Aryan lost Imlie and his plan is failed. Aditya tells everyone to leave as Imlie wont come. Aryan says he is already married to her. He thinks he will find Imlie somehow. Badi Ma says now Aryan is doubting Aditya and her plan has worked.

Precap- Imlie leaves on the truck at unconscious state. Aryan looks for her.

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