Imlie 17th June 2022 Written Update: Aryan gets disheartened seeing Imlie’s action


Imlie 17th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aryan stopping Imlie and asking her why she brought Madhav here? She replies Madhav’s safety is her priority now and that needs to be taken care of as someone attacked him already so she will look after him. Narmada tells Aryan to tighten the security.

Arpita takes Madhav to guest room and Imlie thinks the person who is sitting in the wheelchair is not Madhav but Sundar. Madhav is in hospital and if Jyoti is the attacker then she will try to kill Madhav again. Arpita asks her about Sundar and Imlie says she doesn’t know where he is. Arpita worries for him.

Imlie helps Sundar in itching his face and body as he feels uncomfortable with the bandages. He tells her to do it carefully. She thanks him for helping her, he says she won’t thank him, he says he is not just doing all this for her but for Arpita and Narmada too who won’t like to see Aryan’s unhappy face.

Aryan notices them from outside and thinks after trying to convince Imlie still she is not doubting Madhav for once. He thinks if his suspicion is wrong. He then recalls Jyoti’s words and decides not to think from Imlie’s point of view. Imlie comes out and leaves seeing him.

He says why she gave shelter to his enemy, whom he wants to kill. Why she is failing to see Madhav’s true colors? Imlie says she has rights on this house too and he can atleast support her to protect her friend.

Aryan says he is fed up hearing friend from her mouth. Her husband was her friend before then why can’t she believe him. He says she should make sure Madhav gets better and then he will wish to die after facing Aryan. Imlie says that will not happen. He says he is doing it for her as he loves her. She gets teary and he leaves. She says she can understand what he must be feeling but she will find the culprit to clear his doubts.

Jyoti makes poisonous kheer and soup for Madhav. She tells Harry about it and then talks to Arpita that she made it for Madhav. Imlie tells Arpita that Sundar went to give an interview and then she learns that Jyoti made food for Madhav. She thinks whether Jyoti is trying to attack Sundar considering him to be Madhav.

Sundar moves on the bed here and there and Jyoti thinks he doesn’t look sick or injured then it must be a trap for her. She thinks whether Imlie is suspecting her. Imlie questions her and asks if the food is poisonous. Jyoti eats the kheer herself to win Imlie’s trust and leaves. Imlie tells her that she meant Madhav can’t eat spicy food and it will be like poison for him. She thinks if she is wrong about Jyoti else why she will eat the food she made for Madhav to kill him.

Aryan looks upset and Arpita asks him to share his problem. He hides the matter and says he feels he failed to protect Imlie just how he failed to protect Arvind. Arpita says that was a conspiracy and they couldn’t do anything about it. But Imlie is strong and she can protect herself too.

Jyoti coughs due to poison effect and Harry laughs seeing her condition. She tries to drink water and he breaks the jug. She threatens Harry saying if she dies then Nargis will die too. Imlie helps Sundar in removing the messy bandage. She tells him that the person she was doubting can be innocent.

She gets a call from the hospital that Madhav gained his consciousness in real. She gets happy thinking now Madhav will tell the truth to her and everything will be clear. Sundar says he will handle the situation here, Imlie should not worry. Nila calls Kairi and Imlie meets her. Nila asks her why she is always missing. Kairi teases her and with her antics and then she thinks if Nila can be the culprit.

Precap- Harry holds Jyoti and takes her outside before anyone sees them. Imlie looks tensed and the she notices Jyoti is sick and Harry is giving her support. Imlie gets doubtful.

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