Imlie 17th March 2022 Written Update: Aditya congratulates Imlie for her engagement


Imlie 17th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie is leaving on the truck at unconscious state. Aryan looks for her and hears the sound of her bangles. He closes his eyes and rushes to stop the truck. He goes in front of the truck and checks the cartons. He finally finds her and lifts her up. He tells her to wake up and asks if she is fine. Imlie opens her eyes somehow.

Aryan and Meethi question her why didnt she inform anyone before leaving and how did she reach there etc. Imlie recalls how Aryan saved her on time. She is at loss of words. Aryan makes her drink water. She says she is fine and Aryan says muhurat will be over so he takes her to the venue by holding her hands. Imlie says she would prefer to die instead of marrying Aryan. He says he won’t let her die.

Aditya tells the guests to leave with some decorating materials which they were seeing. He says the engagement won’t happen so they can take these. Aryan says noone will leave without seeing the engagement. Imlie shows up from behind and Aditya gets shocked seeing her. He become speechless. Meethi says why Aditya is looking at Imlie like that.

She was just lost and someone can even find God if they attentively do that. Aryan holds Imlie’s hand and leaves but then moves backward to talk to Aditya. He says Aditya’s family has arranged all this so Aditya should also join them and celebrate with them. He can atleast do that for his family’s sake.

Imlie gets disheartened seeing Aditya. Aryan is about to make Imlie wear the gold ring. But she refuses saying she is allergic to gold. It gives her a burning sensation. Meethi asks but when it started. Imlie says she didnt tell her before. Badi Ma taunts her saying Imlie never get to wear such gold jewels so it won’t suit her.

Aryan then says he made a platinum ring for Imlie and he is sure she will have no problem with it. Imlie thinks she forgot he is clever. He thinks Imlie can’t stop the wedding. She thinks but she won’t perform the other rituals. Gudiya says it seems Aryan won’t look at her from now. Aryan makes Imlie wear the ring and everyone claps. Pankaj feels Imlie is not happy with this engagement. Aparna says its their perspective. Aditya is about to leave but Aryan tells him to congratulate them. Aditya congratulates Imlie and it hurts him.

Precap- Aditya asks Imlie why she didnt allow Aryan to apply color on her. He is her husband. She gives a befitting reply that noone can control her life.

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