Imlie 18th January 2022 Written Update: Imlie escapes from jail with Satyakam’s help


Imlie 18th January 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aditya telling the Atank that whatever he wants to do he can but Aditya won’t be afraid. The Atank blasts a bomb in the village. Aryan sees that switches off the TV. He says because of Aditya’s stupidity again innocent lives are in danger. He says he is trying his best to make things but his team has how much time he doesn’t know. Imlie has to come out of jail as well. Imlie pleads the inspector to release her from jail saying she belongs to Pagdandiya and she can save the villagers only but noone listens to her.

Imlie breaks down to tears and misses Satyakam. An one rupee coin comes towards her and Imlie recalls how Satyakam taught her the significance of it. She looks at the other cell and finds Satyakam there. Satyakam says its their destiny that they ended up together. He says he has a plan so Imlie should not give up hope.

Malini panics and tells Anu that Imlie is in jail but it won’t help Aditya in any way. Even if they arrange the ransom money how will they send the money to the Atank. Malini adds they have to use Dev’s contacts of higher authorities to save Aditya. She learns Dev already involved the higher authority so Malini thanks him and cries hugging Anu. Anu consoles her. Aryan hires the best lawyer to get bail for Imlie and offers him money. The lawyer says he will try his best but Aryan warns him saying he needs results and he won’t hear any excuses as he paid the latter huge amount of money.

Some employees start gossiping about Imlie and Aryan seeing Aryan’s efforts for saving Imlie. They say that that’s why Aditya divorced Imlie as she is in relationship with her boss. In this way she became featured writer too from a part time employee. Aryan overhears that and calls them in his cabin.

Satyakam throws away his food in front of constable and criticises the food to divert his mind. The constable gets into an argument and goes inside the lock up. Imlie lights fire using two stones and her dupatta catches fire. She starts screaming and acts like falling unconscious. The constable helps her and brings her out of the lockup. Aryan tells the employees to sit on floor. He explains why he likes Imlie’s courage as
she is an inspiration. He locked her up but she found a way to escape to save the villagers. She has the strength to face any kind of problems and the employees are just jealous of a 19 years old girl nothing else. They should find out why they are jealous. He leaves.

Imlie asks Satyakam to escape with her but he says he won’t as he did a crime by trying to kill Aditya so he tells her to cover her face and leave. Imlie escapes and checks here and there. Narmada and Arpita meet Tripathis and Aparna gets shocked to know Malini filed complaint against Imlie. Narmada assures her that Aryan will save his team in the village and will help Imlie too. He sent the police force already. Malini says she doesn’t think Aryan will help Aditya.

Aryan enters police station and bumps into Imlie. Imlie leaves seeing him. Later he confronts the inspector as to why they fail to check upon Imlie and how can she just run away. The inspector explains what Imlie did and how she escaped. He thinks Imlie will go to Pagdandiya and he can’t let her go alone there. He runs off to find Imlie. Imlie runs on streets.

Precap – Anu hires goons to kill Imlie and a car tries to hit Imlie.

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