Imlie 18th July 2022 Written Update: Aryan and Imlie hold each other responsible for losing Cheeku


Imlie 18th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aryan feeling shattered. He asks the doctor how are his baby and wife? Doctor says he can’t assure him right now. Anything can happen. He can either save the mother or the child. Aryan gets shocked to hear that. He walks towards his family. He rests his head on Narmada’s lap and breaks down to tears. Narmada asks him what doctor told him?

He says with his shaking voice that if anything happens to his child or Imlie he can’t live. Narmada says destiny can’t snatch anything from him. She consoles him and Arpita also tells Aryan to believe in God. Doctor comes to Aryan and the latter asks him how are Imlie and Cheeku? Doctor reveals he tried his best but he couldn’t save Cheeku. Rathods stand shocked hearing that. Aryan looks numb.

Narmada breaks down to tears. Malini holds a vermilion container and says for the first Imlie gave her this during her wedding and she was the one who snatched her husband from her. Now it’s Imlie who will lose her husband and her marriage won’t last long. She puts the vermilion in fire.

Anu offers Malini drink saying its time to celebrate. Malini says cheers to Gudiya saying the latter helped her a lot to succeed in her plan. She didn’t name her but the latter will get an identity for sure. Gudiya starts crying and Malini tells her to hold on as Imlie’s bad news didn’t come yet. Anu says she will call in the hospital to know what’s happening with Imlie.

Aryan looks at Imlie who looks devastated. He doesn’t console her but he sits down and cries. They look at each other. Aryan’s family comes in and Arpita hugs crying Imlie. Narmada consoles crying Aryan. Malini says it’s sad to know her sister has lost her child today who takes care of others’ babies more than her own. Malini says for the first Gudiya’s cry is not causing headache to her. She smirks and she will get rid of her very soon.

Aryan gives his hand to Imlie and she holds it. They leave from the hospital and Malini also is seen going somewhere with Gudiya. Arpita tells Narmada to control her tears as they have to handle Aryan and Imlie too. Aryan and Imlie come back home and they go to their room without talking to anybody.

Aryan and Imlie both blame each other saying they lost Cheeku because of each other. Aryan holds Imlie’s hand tightly saying he saw death very closely thrice. He was 12 years old when he lost his father, he then saw Arvind’s death and today he saw Cheeku dying. Imlie is just 21 years old and she is not the one who can save the world.

He told her not to climb up the stairs but she did that knowingly. She didn’t take care of herself and Cheeku. She told him he won’t lose any of his loved ones again but he lost, she couldn’t fulfil her promise. Imlie says Cheeku was their love’s sign and she is equally broken. It was just an accident. She was trying to save Gudiya.

He says he saved her then why she has to take the risk? She is not attached to Gudiya just because Malini doesn’t love her. She is attached to Gudiya because the latter is Aditya Kumar Tripathi’s baby. Imlie asks him what did he just say? She is shocked to hear that.

Precap – Imlie holds Aryan by his collar and says she didn’t want to fall in love again but he came into her life and taught her how to love. He said her past won’t bother him then why he is accusing her by using Aditya sir’s name today? She says Aryan’s love is like ocean but when he gets angry he behaves like the opposite. She can’t stay with him. Aryan says then she is free to leave.

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