Imlie 18th June 2021 Written Update: Aditya makes Imlie understand his point


Imlie 18th June 2021 Written Update on

Aditya Episode starts with Imlie talking to Meethi about Kunal, she says he is the best lawyer, he will handle the case very well. Seeing Aditya, Imlie starts speaking in broken English and Meethi doesn’t understand her. Aditya sits on couch and feels awkward. Imlie cuts the call and runs away. Aditya thinks Imlie is such a drama queen.

Imlie tells Sundar to prepare the dish properly. Sundar argues with her saying she doesn’t need to teach him. Aditya appears and Imlie talks in English and says cut the bhindi. Sundar says its called lady finger. Imlie later calls Sundar beautiful by mistake and Aditya gets shocked. She runs from there. She thinks why Aditya is behind her as if she will learn everything within one day.

Harish wishes to eat something spicy but Rupy doesn’t allow him. Later Imlie stays quiet and Aparna asks what happened to her. Imlie says she can’t talk in English properly so she won’t speak. Tripathis encourage her and Imlie asks something funny to Nishant and mispronounces the words. Everyone laughs. Imlie gets upset and they apologise. Rupy says a same word has different meaning in English. Imlie teases Sundar and keeps talking in broken English. Aditya comes behind and notices everyone silently. Imlie says English is very bad, not good. She is unaware of Aditya’s presence.

Everyone leaves seeing Aditya. Harish provokes Imlie saying Aditya is stupid ass. Imlie says you are right, noone likes this language. Harish leaves seeing Aditya and Imlie says Aditya writes for Hindi paper but is interested to speak in English. Later seeing Aditya she gets shocked. Aditya says he wants her good only, he promised Satyakam too. But she is not listening. Imlie says she feels bad when people laugh at her and make fun of her. He knows she can’t talk in English.

Aditya consoles her and says to reach heights its important to learn English as this language is important for communicating all over the world. He makes her understand in Pagdandiya language. He says he wants her reach heights. Imlie corrects him. She gets happy. Aditya says like this he will correct her when she will be wrong. Imlie goes back to study. She doesn’t drink milk which Aparna gave her. Aparna and Harish insist Imlie to have dinner but Imlie says she will eat after finishing the studies. Rupy tells Aditya he is being very strict to Imlie, which is not good.

Aditya gives food to Imlie and tells her to eat else he will feed him. Imlie helps Aditya for always staying by her side and for always giving her courage to fight. Aditya gets happy. He is about to leave but she tells I love you to him. He turns back and Imlie gets shy. (Piya tose plays in background) Aditya tells her to repeat what she said just now. Imlie agains says I love you. Tripathis come in the meantime and give shocking expressions. Imlie covers up the matter saying she loves them all. Rupy hides the matter saying Imlie doesn’t know much about whom to say I love you. Imlie thanks everyone for support and tells them love you one by one. Aparna seems to be not convinced with her actions.

Precap- Radha slaps Imlie for crossing her line. Malini defends Imlie but Radha tells her to stay away saying she is not part of the family anymore. Malini shocks. Imlie gets emotional

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