Imlie 18th March 2021 Written Update: Aditya and Imlie’s happy moment


Imlie 18th March 2021 Written Update

The episode starts with priest telling Aditya Imlie to lit the diya for their relationship’s safety. Aditya does it. Imlie looks at him. Meethi tells Satyakam to play the dhol. Meethi tells Aditya you have to dance today as well. Aditya says I cant dance. Imlie says to Meethi dont force him. I can dance alone. Prakash says he will give company to Imlie. Imlie says I didnt know you can dance. Prakash says he knows it very well. Seeing them dancing together Aditya feels irritated. While dancing Imlie and Aditya bump into each other. Aditya plays the dhol and they dance together happliy. Imlie smiles at Aditya.

Anu doubts Dev saying is he going to Pagdandiya after returning from Mumbai. She tells him show me the flight ticket. Dev says he will go by road. As he will meet different people and can stay somewhere randomly. Anu gets surprised. Anu says if he is going to Pagdandia then she will go with him. Dev thinks he will meet Imlie for sure. Dev ignores Anu

Seeing many dishes Aditya praises Meethi for doing all these alone. Meethi says in village people are like that. Whatever they have in their house they make something out of it. Everyone here works together. Aditya thinks that’s why Imlie likes to treat everyone like her own family. Aditya says he wants to take everyone to a restaurant. Imlie and Meethi tell him theres no need to do all this. Aditya says its about making you all feel special. Imlie says she will live her life to the fullest in these two days. She thanks God for giving her so much memories.

Anu says to Dev mom that why Dev is going by road? Isnt it weird? Dev mom thinks I hope Dev reaches his destination. Malini comes and seeing her Anu gets restless. She starts blaming Tripathis saying has they troubled you? Why you came here suddenly with this heavy luggage. I would have sent you car. Malini says dont worry. Nishant Rupy tell that they dropped Malini here. Anu taunts them regarding Aditya that they got habituated with waiting. They want Malini to do it as well. Rupy says Malini is special for us. Aditya will come and take her to home very soon. Anu says Malini will get comfort here. Anu thinks Nishant had been away from his family for so long. She tells Malini to be careful. She tells her to spy on him. Malini says relationship cant go on like this if you doubt your partner all the time.

Imlie requests Aditya saying he doesnt need to do all this thing for her. She already is happy that Aditya stayed back but if he does more than this she will get used to it. He will become her habit. Aditya gets teary eyed and tells her dont overthink. Villagers say to Imlie that she will have to be awake whole night to take care of the diya. Prakash says he will accompany her. Aditya suddenly says he will be with Imlie. Prakash doesnt need to worry. Imlie gets shocked and thinks why babusaheb is doing all this. He can act in front of villagers but this time noone will be here so whats the need. Aditya thinks he never accepted that he is Imlie’s husband then what is he doing and why?

Malini shares her pain with Dev mom and says Aditya never behaved this way before. Dev mom says dont stretch the matter but argue with each other solve it as soon as possible. As communication is really important. I lost my husband due to this only. Malini thinks will she be able to stop herself from meeting Aditya? She waits for his return. She lits Diya in front of their wedding photo.

Precap- Aditya and imlie chit chat while taking care of the diya. Nakli naani notices them.Malini notices their wedding photo caught fire. She tries to extinguish it. Aditya also gets burned while picking up the diya.