Imlie 19th February 2022 Written Update: Imlie shares an emotional talk with Aryan


Imlie 19th February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie coming out of the brothel with the girls but the head blocks their way with her goons. She says the girls should not forget that this area is under her control and everyone listens to her here so they can’t leave.

They are getting food and shelter. What more do they want? The world will not let them live so they should choose the brothel for their living. Imlie and Aryan can’t fight her goons that easily. The girls feel demotivated and they are about to leave but Imlie stops them and says they should not believe in the head’s words. She is also a woman if she can take her decisions then the girls can also take their individual decisions. They are not weak but they can face the men. The head lady threatens Imlie seeing her courage.

Aryan drags a chair and sits in it. He says its the fight of the girls and they will fight the goons off. Real fun will start. He watches everything and Imlie kicks one goon and then she beats them one by one like a superwoman. Aryan gets impressed seeing her fighting skills. Seeing her the other girls also get into fight with the goons. Imlie looks at Aryan and she pulls him near her with her dupatta to save him from an attack.

Aryan gets surprised and they share a moment. Later Imlie sees some more goons are coming towards her and this time Aryan helps her in fighting them. He lifts her up and she kicks the goons. They share an eye lock. At last the police arrives and the brothel people get arrested. The head lady also gets arrested.

Gilheri thanks Imlie for helping them to come out of the hell. Imlie tells her that she should thank Aryan as he only gives speech to Imlie most of the time like an old man. Aryan gets irked and says he is only 27 years old, he is not old. He is a motivational speaker nothing else. Imlie teases him and Gilheri thinks they are a couple but Imlie and Aryan call each other just friends. Gilheri says love can be seen in their eyes. Aryan says but he is wearing glasses. Aryan tells the inspector to make sure that the girls get best kind of treatment and shelter.

Imlie insists Aryan to go to the balcony of the brothel with her. He asks her why she wants go back to such places where she receives nothing but pain. Imlie forcibly takes him there and gives a small flower to him saying this is the hope for her which she almost lost today when she got trapped. She thought she will kill herself if she loses her honor.

Aryan holds her hand saying that’s not right. She didnt lose anything neither he. He then controls his emotions. She says she wants the hope to live inside Aryan. He should also believe that he can be happy in his life and he has to nurture this plant and the flower will grow. Imlie teases him saying he has to water the plant daily. He takes it. Imlie asks him how he learned about her location.

He says he tracked her number. She reached here because of Malini. Malini comes and says she knew it that Aryan doesn’t want to separate Aditya and Imlie but he is more interested in saving Imlie. He even forgot about his deal. He is a liar. Imlie says she is noone to call him a liar. She used to think Malini is her sister but after this cheap act the latter proved she is a sinner now. Imlie says now Malini won’t be spared but she will expose her.

Precap- imlie and Malini argue with each other. Malini pushes Imlie and the latter falls down and gets injured. Aryan Malini get shocked.

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