Imlie 19th March 2022 Written Update: Aryan saves Imlie from Badi Ma’s ploy


Imlie 19th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie sitting upset and Aryan looks at her. He stands far from her. Tripathis look at them and wonder that why Imlie and Aryan are not enjoying the festival properly. This is not done. Pankaj, Rupy and Nishant insist Aparna that they can make Bhaang for Imlie and Aryan. They can apply Imlie’s idea to lift the spirits of Imlie and Aryan. They will be able to enjoy properly.

Aparna allows them and Aparna gives the bhang to Aryan saying they made it for him. He drinks it. She offers the bhaang to Imlie and she also finishes it at one go. Aryan and Imlie look at each other in intoxicated state. They go towards each other and smiles. Aryan throws a water balloon at Imlie but she protects herself with a thal of colors. Aryan chases Imlie and she runs away from him at once.

(Aankhon ki Gustakhiya plays in background) Imlie laughs with other family members. Aryan stares at her and he throws colors at her again but she hides behind other guests. She again runs away. Aryan tries to find her. Imlie bumps into Sundar and the latter tries to colour her but Aryan pours water on his hand to prevent him from applying color on Imlie. Imlie again disappears.

Badi Ma mixes a back medicine in water and says this will burn Imlie’s body and she will get annoyed. She will leave her own function immediately. Gudiya gets excited and says then she will get a lesson. Badi Ma tells Gudiya to pour the liquid on Imlie during the celebrations. Gudiya leaves. Imlie appears in front of Aryan all of a sudden and he gets surprised seeing her. They laugh wholeheartedly seeing each other. Aryan tries to colour her again with the pichkari but she makes faces seeing him. (tujhe yaad kar lia hai plays in background).

Aditya comes towards Imlie thinking that Aryan can’t throw colors at her but she only belongs to Aditya. Gudiya also comes to throw the liquid at Imlie. Aryan notices them both and protects Imlie from them. The color and the liquid fall on him. Gudiya gets shocked and leaves. Aditya leaves upset. Aryan feels uneasy and Imlie tells him that he can’t color her and she will win the challenge. He leaves and she feels why he left without answering.

Aryan thinks why he is getting a itching sensation. He tries to take off his kurta but it doesnt come out. He scolds it saying he is Aryan Singh Rathore and the Kurta must listen to him. If he will tear it, it should be torn apart. He then finally takes it off. Imlie laughs at him and he asks her what she is doing here. He will change. Imlie says he has no shame. They get into an argument and Imlie says he always gave her the opposite of what she asked from him. She wanted friendship but he betrayed her. She looks angry.

Precap- Aryan tries to color Imlie but she stops him. He pulls her closer.

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