Imlie 19th September 2022 Written Update: Rupy fears seeing Chini’s disliking towards Imlie


Imlie 19th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie’s voiceover. She introduces her daughter and says she lives in village. Imlie’s daughter comes back to Rathore Mansion from village and Imlie says she should never let city control her. Arpita and Sundar welcome her but Narmada is not happy to see Imlie’s daughter. She gets admission in a school but the other kids tease her for her poor performance. Teacher also tells Narmada that Imlie’s daughter Imlie can’t study in a convent school. Imlie grows up studying in Hindi medium school. After 10 years Imlie holds some flowers, and sees her locket where Imlie and Aryan’s photos can be seen.

Imlie’s voice gives her strength that she should not be upset thinking she is alone without her parents. She can win every battle. Her daughter Imlie sheds tears. The truck stops suddenly because of traffic where she is sitting. She asks the driver why he stopped the truck. She goes out to see why there’s traffic. She sees a huge crowd and a singer who is cheering them up. Imlie speaks out loudly that he should stop this program to else the traffic will not be clear. But the singer is busy in performing.

Imlie goes to the traffic police and tells them to stop the singer from making unnecessary crowd. She talks in pure Hindi, and the cops can’t understand what she is saying. But she says she will call the commissioner if they don’t take action. The police arrests the singer and he passes by Imlie. They feel a strange connection without seeing each other. Imlie goes to temple before the inauguration and the priest judges her by her attire. He thinks she belongs to lower class people. He doesn’t let her in saying the trustee will soon arrive so she should leave.

Imlie tells him to behave properly and it’s not inauguration but it’s called Pran Pratishtha. But he throws her out where some poor kids are standing. After some time Imlie appears in car with the kids. The priest gets shocked and Arpita introduces her as the trustee of the temple. Imlie says outer appearance doesn’t prove anything. But good intention matters. She makes him realise to treat everyone with respect without seeing their status. The priest apologises to her.

Rupy tells Chini to get ready and the latter wears Imlie’s kurti before going to the concert. Rupy tells her why she wore it without asking Imlie. She could have taken permission from her. Chini says Imlie wont mind and just because she is Aryan and Imlie’s daughter, everyone considers her innocent when she can’t even talk in English and tell a clear sentence in front of public.

But she is Malini’s daughter so she wont get anything in the property. She has to snatch her rights. Chini leaves. Rupy thinks her fear should not come true. Chini should never follow Malini’s footsteps. Imlie waits for Chini and she chit-chats with the kids. Chini arrives and corrects her English pronunciation. Imlie says she is nothing without her sister Chini. Arpita and Sundar get delighted seeing their bond. Sundar says if Imlie was alive, she would have been the happiest.

Imlie adds what is hers belongs to Chini too. She waits for Dadi and Narmada says she is not her dadi. Arpita says she should stop cursing Imlie on her birthday atleast. Narmada says after her birth her life became miserable so she can’t accept Imlie. Imlie gets upset.

Precap- Imlie asks Chini what kind of temple is this. She sees the environment of concert and asks Chini where are the bhakts an all. Chini is quite.

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