Imlie 1st April 2021 Written Update: Aditya misses Imlie.


Imlie 1st April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Aditya talking to Prasant. He warns him that he is only friend of Imlie, Aditya is her husband, and will always take care of her. Tauji sees Imlie and asks when did you come? Imlie meets him and says she went Pagdandiya for some vital work. They chitchat. Tauji says they missed her a lot. They got habituated with her. Tauji asks Imlie seeing Prakash who is he? Imlie says he is her friend. Tauji says they want to celebrate Holi with Imlie.

Aditya thinks Imlie won’t say no to Tauji. Imlie refuses to go with Tauji as because of her Malini and Aditya will face more trouble. She says she will stay in hostel and will study there. Tauji asks they haven’t created any problem for her study. Then why. He forces her but Imlie pleads saying she doesn’t want to go. Prakash says to Imlie that they are getting late. Tauji tells Imlie to take care of herself. Aditya hides in bus.

Nishant says something is missing during Holi. Sundar makes ghujiya for everyone. They say Imlie would have brought smile on everyone’s face if she was here. Sundar says noone is tasting my ghujiya. Malini says Sundar is missing Imlie more. Aparna says its Malini and Aditya’s first Holi. Malini gets upset saying the excitement is gone. Aditya will be busy. Aprana says she should celebrate Holi with Aditya to solve all the problems between them. Malini agrees saying she will convince Aditya this time.

Warden wants identity proof from Imlie. Prakash and Imlie say that Imlie don’t have any. Imlie says currently she doesn’t have but in future her picture will be printed on newspaper. Warden has to wait for 5 or 6 months. Warden says there are some rules to stay in this hostel. Imlie keeps requesting her and Warden agrees finally.

Seeing Tauji’s worried face, Tripathis ask what happened. Tauji told them about Imlie how he met her. He says Imlie doesn’t want to come here. Aparna says what’s the problem? We should talk to her. Tauji says she won’t listen. Aparna tells Aditya to talk to her. Aditya says she will do what she wants. Malini wonders why is he still upset with Imlie?

Prakash tells Imlie not to think about Aditya. Prakash says Malini is his legal wife. Imlie says he knows she won’t do it again. Prakash says her relationship will be called as illicit. Imlie says she also refused to go to Tripathi house. Prakash says they are only being kind to you. When they will know she is Aditya’s wife they will take Malini’s side only. Prakash leaves. Imlie thinks she won’t be able to celebrate Holi as a married woman.

Aditya misses Imlie. He thinks Imlie has added colors in his life. Aditya says he will always love her. He says he can’t stay without meeting her. But does Imlie miss him too? Aditya takes the shirt where Imlie’s vermilion stain is present. He holds it.

Malini looks herself into mirror and says now vermilion and mangalsutra are her identity. She wants Aditya to make her wear all these. She finds Aditya. Aparna compliments her. Dhruv was about to apply colors on her. Malini says she is waiting for Aditya so that he applies color on her first. Dhruv says Aditya went somewhere. Malini thinks where can he go?

Aditya reaches hostel thinking Imlie must have been here as she knows only this hostel in Delhi. Imlie looks upset and refuses to celebrate Holi. Her roommate insists her to play Holi. Imlie says she will come later. Imlie looks at people and thinks she never felt empty. Aditya says why can’t you go with me? Imlie gets shocked seeing him. She asks why is he here? Anyone can watch him. Aditya says he doesn’t care.

Precap- Malini says Aditya won’t like to play Holi. She doesn’t know he will enjoy or not. Aditya and Imlie enjoy playing Holi together.

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