Imlie 1st July 2022 Written Update: Jyoti fails Imlie’s plan smartly


Imlie 1st July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie saying she will show Jyoti’s video to everyone to prove what kind of a friend she is. Imlie plays the video and gets shocked on finding Jyoti wishing happy birthday to Aryan in the video. Jyoti says she is happy to get a best friend like Aryan who united her and Harry and gave them shelter to stay in his house.

She is also lucky to have Imlie in her life. Jyoti recalls how she found out that Kairi is Imlie when Aryan was picking the fake teeth. She says she can’t harm Imlie right now else she will get caught by Imlie and Aryan. Jyoti removes the trap and she finds the camera and she deletes the clip which was recorded against her.

Jyoti goes out of the room with everyone saying she knows Aryan much before Imlie. Imlie fails to understand what she should do now. Whenever she thinks she is smarter than Jyoti, Jyoti fails her plan. Now what will she do to save Cheeku. She is really worried.

Aryan tells her to stop panicking. Imlie falters and Aryan holds her. She shouts at him saying he can’t see Jyoti’s truth despite her lot of efforts. When Jyoti recorded the video in the camera. Imlie says she is scared now. Aryan says if she feels so that he is blind and can’t see the truth then that’s fine. He will look after her in this way only.

Imlie takes rest and gets Jyoti’s call in Kairi’s phone. Imlie changes her voice to talk to her. She says she is on her holiday so she can’t help Jyoti now. Jyoti says she will gift her bangle in return. Kairi agrees thinking she might be successful in exposing Jyoti. Jyoti meets her in the house and the latter asks her what she can do. Nila tells Kairi to do household work and Jyoti says Kairi should obey Nila. Kairi cleans the house and Arpita asks her why she is wasting time here instead of finding any proof.

Jyoti says Imlie has too many supporters and she will reduce her supporters one by one. Arpita goes to washroom and Jyoti locks her from outside. Sundar is busy in cooking with Narmada and Jyoti says Kairi is there to do the household work. Sundar thinks now he should turn into Imlie so that noone doubts her.

Sundar goes to the store room to change clothes and Jyoti locks him up there. She says now noone can’t save Imlie. Jyoti shares her plan with Kairi that she hired kidnappers and now Kairi will make Imlie ready and will take her to the temple. On their way Imlie will get killed by her recruits. Jyoti smirks thinking Kairi will fall into the trap now. Kairi then calls Aryan and tells him about Jyoti’s plan.

Aryan asks Imlie she believes Jyoti planned to kill her today. Arpita and Sundar come to them and trust Imlie saying Jyoti locked them only and they should expose her and help Imlie to do that. Aryan says they can’t blame someone without complete assurance. They didn’t see Jyoti locking them up then why they are blaming her. Arpita says if Imlie is sure that Jyoti is the culprit then they should believe her.

Aryan then tells Imlie not to take risk in this condition. Imlie says but she can’t lose the chance to prove Jyoti’s truth too. Aryan says he will never allow her to go through any test which can be risky for her. She won’t meet Jyoti or her recruits but her family will be there to catch the person who is attacking his wife. Arpita tells Imlie to take rest and Imlie recalls how she was asked to give test in Tripathi house to prove her innocence.

Precap- Goons hold Imlie at gunpoint and Rathods try to beat them up. Imlie also faces them with courage. Malini comes back to take revenge from Imlie saying she will fulfil her promise to her step sister.

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