Imlie 1st March 2022 Written Update: Aryan gets injured


Imlie 1st March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Arpita trying to come out of the car and tries to save herself by pushing the upper part of the car. She screams and then falls unconscious. Aryan drives the car at full speed and Imlie tells him to slow down else they can also meet with an accident. A cloth covers the car windscreen and Aryan loses the balance. Some sharp woods get inside the car and injures Aryan.

Imlie gets shocked seeing him like that. She tears her dupatta and tries to clean the blood on his forehead but he says he has to save Arpita, he has not enough time. This time he won’t spare Aditya if he fails to save Arpita. Imlie tries to calm him. Narmada watches news and gets worried for Arpita as she went out alone. There Aditya feels Imlie and Aryan might need help as he was asking about the weather report and told his family.

Narmada calls Aryan to know about Arpita and him. Imlie receives the call and lies to her that Arpita reached her friend’s house already and Aryan tries to speak but Imlie closes his mouth to prevent him from speaking. Aryan says he never lies to his mother. Imlie says Narmada will get tensed if she learns Arpita and Aryan are facing problem and they can’t give her the reason to worry.

Imlie says they will find Arpita soon. Aryan says but how he can’t get it. Due to blockade Aryan stops his car and he tells the cop to let them go as his sister is stuck. The cop denies and Aryan warns him saying the latter will lose his job. Aryan distracts him and Imlie at that time breaks the barricades and goes forward by driving the car. Aryan gets inside the car and leaves with Imlie.

Aditya reaches Aryan’s house and Narmada gets surprised seeing him as he even came to Rathod mansion in this weather to know about Imlie. He cares for her. Narmada doesnt let Aditya leave and tells him to wait for some time. He sees Arvind’s photo and recognises him. Narmada shares how after Arpita and Arvind’s marriage Aryan found his brother and father both in Arvind.

Arvind was everything to him but after his death Aryan lost his happiness and till now he is depressed. Aditya consoles Narmada and leaves. Sundar worries for Arpita as his phone screen gets cracked where the wallpaper picture is of Arpita. Rupy calls Narmada to know about Arpita and learns Arpita’s phone is switched off and she didn’t contact her family yet.

Imlie and Aryan find the cars. They search for Arpita’s car. Imlie finds it behind the trees. Aryan becomes numb seeing that. He can’t move seeing unconscious Arpita. Imlie tries to move away the trees but fails. She calls Aryan for help and motivates him saying they can save Arpita. She calls his name saying he won’t lose his loved one this time. Aryan gets ready to save Arpita. He removes the trees and Imlie brings out Arpita. While removing the tree Aryan falls down and a tree falls on him. His head gets hurt after hitting a stone.

Imlie and Arpita see him and try to remove the tree. Sundar comes and help them. Imlie tries to wake Aryan up. Arpita breaks down to tears and Imlie says nothing can happen to him. Tripathis learn about the storm. Aparna tells Pankaj to call Imlie and Aditya. The reporter says Aditya gave wrong weather report and he will get punished for misleading people. Tripathis get worried.

Precap- Aryan gets admitted to hospital.

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