Imlie 1st March 2023 Written Update: Imlie fools Chini and Anu with her drama


Imlie 1st March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie seeing Ramesh is throwing Imlie and Aryan’s photo in the dustbin. She stops him and calls him by his name. He asks her how does she know his name? She says his name can be seen on the uniform. She thinks she won’t disappoint her parents today. She goes to give the interview. There Chini and Anu discuss why didn’t Imlie go to the office? Interviewer asks Imlie if she doesn’t have any experience then they can’t hire her. She says newspaper depends on honest and reliable news and she needs only one chance to prove herself. Experience comes only after working.

Arto goes near the washroom and he asks her why she is not coming out of the washroom and still singing. He also imitates her by singing her song. The phone gets switched off and he asks her why she kept quite. Divya sends him away saying Imlie will feel shy. There Imlie thinks she impressed the interviewer and she hopes to get the job. She learns from two employees that someone called the manager to fire Imlie from job as her health was not good. So manager fired her unwillingly. Imlie thinks surely its Chini’s job.

Shivani tells Rudra that where is Imlie? Why she is not coming back to watch the video. Rudra asks Shivani she was also not here. Shivani diverts the topic. Anu tells Chini but why Imlie is not coming, it’s been so long. Imlie sits inside the car and tells the driver to drive fast. She changes her clothes. There Kia notices her from car and tells Akash it was Imlie. Akash says it’s just her hallucination. There Arto and Chini go to call Imlie. Arto says there is no choice but breaking the washroom door. He breaks it and Imlie is standing inside. She says she was taking bath, as well as cleaning clothes and the washroom. That why it took time. Arto says he was really concerned for her and told her to open the door several times. Chini thinks surely Imlie is playing some game.

Imlie enjoys watching the video and Chini replays the wedding part saying Imlie missed it. Chini says she thought Imlie left but the latter says not at all. Chini says she was looking like she is Arto’s bride. Imlie tells her to get ready bit less on someone else’s wedding. She also tells Chini to call Arto her jiju as it sounds more convenient. Chini gets irked. Later Kia tells Chini she saw Imlie, Chini calls in the office to talk to Imlie. The lady says she doesn’t work in Bhaskar Times anymore. Chini thinks if Imlie really lost her memories. Imlie thinks Chini likes to snatch things from her but this time she can’t fool her that easily.

Imlie is standing near the mattress and falters. Arto saves her from falling and they share a moment. She says she is fine and she adds she is not feeling well. Arto scolds Chini for not taking care of Imlie properly when her purpose of staying here is that only. Imlie says she will teach Chini as the latter is not used to it. She tells Chini to move the mattresses. Later they ask about the store room mattress and Chini is about to reveal about her plan why she used the mattress for suicide drama. But then she makes excuse that the mattress is filled with insects so they should not touch it for now. Imlie asks her why she is looking nervous as if she hid some secret over there. Chini recalls Imlie’s threat.

Episode ends

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