Imlie 20th July 2022 Written Update: Imlie starts a new life with Gudiya


Imlie 20th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aryan standing silent. His family tells him to stop Imlie. Arpita says Imlie and Aryan are incomplete without each other so they both should end the matter by apologising. Aryan doesn’t respond and Imlie also feels shattered.

She goes to Aryan and says just one mishap separated them. She adds she knows Aryan won’t say sorry to her so she will also never say sorry to him. She says now she will equally support him in this enmity between them. Aryan controls his tears. Imlie kisses on his cheek and he controls his emotions.

She leaves the house. Malini comes back home and Anu asks her about Gudiya. Malini says she just threw away the burden from herself and now she will start afresh without that trouble. Anu feels happy for Malini and hugs her. She gives her the news that Aryan and Imlie had a massive argument. Imlie left Rathod Mansion already. Malini starts laughing hearing the news. Anu says today they are getting only good news.

Imlie sits in a dark place alone and recalls Aryan’s words. Aryan also looks frustrated. Meethi calls Imlie and asks her how is she? Imlie breaks down to tears saying she couldn’t even get enough time to cry her heart out for Cheeku. Aryan snatched everything from her at one go. He accused her of loving Aditya. Now she doesn’t know what to do? Meethi says Imlie is not alone, she should come to Pagdandiya. Imlie says she will come tomorrow not tonight. She wants to meet someone.

Imlie questions Sita Maiya what she never got her rights easily. Her father left her, she couldn’t become a daughter in law, she lived as a maid. Now what more is left? She says she can’t find answers and she can’t find new path too. She asks Sita Maiya to give her a solution otherwise everything will be finished.

Imlie hears Gudiya’s cry and she rushes to see her. She holds her in her arms and thinks it’s a signal that her rest of the life will be spent with Gudiya. She will give all the love to her. Gudiya smiles at her. Malini burns Imlie and Aryan’s wedding photo saying she ruined Imlie’s life successfully.

Anu thinks she planned a new beginning for Malini and it’s not end for her. After five years, an old man knocks on a door of someone’s house in village. A person opens the door and the old man says he is thirsty and wants to drink water. He gives five hundred rupee note to the person and the latter checks the note carefully.

The old man enters and finds two people are selling alcohol. He asks for one bottle and enquires about where do they prepare this liquor products. Those men threaten him to not ask many things. The old man is about to leave but gets caught by the men. The old man reveals his real look. She is noone but Imlie in disguise. She removes her fake beard and wig. The men point guns at her. Police arrives outside.

Precap- Imlie decides how to fight the men. Aryan is seen fighting in a wrestling ground. He gets beaten by some men and falls down. He gets drenched due to rainfall.

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