Imlie 20th June 2022 Written Update: Imlie learns about Jyoti’s involvement in the plan


Imlie 20th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aryan looking upset. He looks at his picture with Imlie and thinks it’s his fault he didn’t laugh at her jokes so she brought Madhav here. Madhav is responsible for everything. Arpita tells Sundar that they can go for an ice cream date and if anyone sees them he/she will assume Imlie took Madhav outside for fresh air. Aryan suddenly sees them from behind and thinks where Imlie is going with Madhav? Before he could stop them, they leave by an auto. Aryan says he can’t take risk with Imlie’s safety and Madhav might take her advantage again.

Kairi recalls an incident when Aryan was her boss and she told him that she couldn’t take the interview of a politician. Aryan closed the door of his cabin and told her to find an idea else he won’t let her go. Imlie misunderstood him thinking his intentions are wrong and she threatened him showing her sandal.

Later she talked over phone about giving huge donation and the politician agreed to give the interview. Aryan also opened the door. flashback ends. Kairi gets the idea and she tells those hospital staffs to meet one person outside who has some urgent queries and he is calling them. Those staffs talk to the person and Kairi runs away from there.

Kairi turns into Imlie thinking now she has to reach Madhav. She calls the Police to come to the hospital for Madhav’s statement and also because his life is in danger but they refuse to come showing some excuse. Imlie goes out and Aryan calls her but she disconnects it. The staffs look for Kairi but they don’t recognise her after finding Imlie.

Aryan follows Arpita and Sundar thinking he has to save Imlie. He finds Sundar and Arpita are eating ice creams. Aryan meet them and says Imlie is not home as he is worried for her. Arpita says Madhav was feeling uneasy so Imlie took him to the hospital. Aryan says she should have called the ambulance. Why did she go there!

Jyoti gets up from her bed and says she can’t be late this time to kill Madhav. Nurse tries to stop her as she is not stable yet. Jyoti pushes her away. The nurse gets injured and falls unconscious. Imlie catches Harry outside while he was leaving. She asks him what he is doing at the hospital. Harry stammers that he came here for an important work. A staff informs him that his wife Jyoti is fine so he can meet her.

Imlie gets shocked to hear that and recalls how Jyoti ate the poisonous food. She asks Harry why Jyoti fell sick. What is he hiding?She thinks if Jyoti is the real culprit. Harry thinks now Imlie is suspecting Jyoti and the latter will not only get mad at him but will harm Nargis too. He is about to hit Imlie to stop her but then someone calls her so he fails.

Jyoti gets inside Madhav’s room and pushes an empty injection in his hand. Imlie is shown in place of Madhav. Jyoti says now Madhav’s game is over. She leaves thinking he will die. Imlie thinks why Jyoti wants to kill Madhav, she doesn’t know the reason but the criminal is exposed now. She gets up and recalls how she took help from a staff and replaced Madhav.

She tied thick bandages on her both hands so that no injection can get into her body. She thanks Sita Maiya. There Harry comes to Jyoti and tells her that theres a bad news. Imlie doubts her now and she knows about her sickness too. Jyoti gets furious and asks him to shut up if he can’t say anything positive. She says now she will kill both Imlie and Madhav. She will finish the whole Pagdandiya team.

Precap- Imlie is stuck inside a cold storage. Aryan goes to hospital and tries to find her, he calls her name and Imlie falls unconscious.

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