Imlie 20th September 2021 Written Update: Malini stops Anu from revealing the truth


Imlie 20th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Harish saying the case will be dismissed. Imlie says she will prove her point and she has a plan. Tripathis should give her one last chance, she will collect proof against Malini and Anu. Her fight is not meaningless. Nishant gives saree and wig to Imlie.

Aparna says because of Imlie they already faced humiliation and now they won’t support Imlie’s stupid act. Imlie says they can trust her for once. Rupy and Nishant also convince Tripathis to give Imlie one chance. Aditya asks Imlie what she will do with the saree and the wig. Imlie says she is hoping for the best.

Anu is walking in intoxicated state with her friends. She says this is her lucky day. They put her in car. Anu calls Malini and the latter asks why she isn’t back yet from kitty party. Anu says today she won every game and she is happy that Imlie lost. Anu laughs and says she is celebrating.

Malini says they have to be careful as they didn’t win the case yet. Imlie can make a plan for sure. Anu keeps talking and Malini tells her to come back home safely. She waits for her. She learns from one house help that he didn’t pick up Anu from party as someone told him Anu will be back. Malini wonders where is Anu.

Sundar drives the car and takes Anu to Tripathi house. Anu says why the lights are off. She calls the house help to give her lemon water. Imlie disguises herself as Malini and she comes to Anu. Anu thinks it’s Malini. Imlie makes her sit. Aparna says Imlie has gone mad. Pankaj stops her and says they should wait until the truth comes out as its about Aditya’s respect. Anu keeps on laughing and Imlie handles her. Meethi gets scared thinking Anu can recognise Imlie.

Dulari says Anu is very much drunk. Anu tells Imlie to call Meethi as she wants to mock her. Imlie asks Anu from where did she bring the drug. Anu says drug is not good for health. Imlie says she is talking about the drug which she mixed in Tripathis’ drink. As Imlie can find out the person who brought the drug. Anu laughs and says that’s not possible. Imlie keeps pushing her to tell the truth. Malini comes in Tripathi house and asks what Anu is doing here.

Malini gets shocked seeing Imlie wearing her saree. She thinks Imlie used her trick to learn the truth. Malini starts her drama and scolds Tripathis for supporting Imlie’s act. She says she didn’t expect this from Aparna. Aditya also hurt her a lot. Radha and Harish say that they didn’t want to support Imlie, they are sorry for it. Rupy says Imlie didn’t do anything wrong. She is fighting for her husband. Anu drank alcohol on her own. Noone forced her to drink. Malini says Anu is vulnerable right now and Imlie is acting to be her. Thats not acceptable.

Imlie says Malini did the same with Aditya then what’s the problem. Malini says I am not talking to you. She adds she could’ve sent Imlie’s family to jail for forcibly getting Imlie married to Aditya. But she didn’t do that thinking about Tripathis respect but today all of them disappointed her. Anu laughs and Malini handles her. Anu falls down and Aditya helps her get up. Malini refuses to take their help and leaves. Imlie is about to speak something but Aparna shuts her.

Aditya says Malini was right they can’t prove anything by stooping so low. They shouldn’t have supported Imlie. If Anu used this incident against them in court they will face trouble. Aditya says Imlie has to apologise to Malini and Anu for her act. Dulari says why Imlie will say sorry. Aditya tells Imlie if she doesn’t apologise he won’t talk to her anymore. Imlie gets shocked.

Precap – Imlie sees some professors are complaining to the principal against her. Malini smirks seeing Imlie. Imlie gets suspension letter from Principal and she pleads with him saying her career will be destroyed but he doesnt listen.

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