Imlie 20th September 2022 Written Update: Chini takes Imlie to Atharv’s concert


Imlie 20th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie getting upset over the fact that after all these years Narmada feels the same for her and has complains. She might be right about her. Sundar says if she will start accepting the negative comments then she will not grow as a person. Her mother also got to hear many taunts but she didn’t change her real personality and didn’t get affected by them.

He cheers Imlie up and tells her attend the puja. Imlie dedicates flowers to Sita Maiya and goes to take blessings from Narmada but the latter leaves. Rupy tells Arpita that Narmada should see Imlie is not the reason of her parents’ death. But she is the most affected one due to their death. Imlie goes to take blessings from Rupy and Arpita.

Rupy says Imlie takes care of everyone’s emotions and her wish should be fulfilled. Sometimes she should fight for her own rights too. Arpita blesses her saying the way she showers love to people around her, someone will give all the love to her one day. Imlie gets busy in the puja and gives Prasad to kids. The DJ plays songs to entertain the audience.

Chini sees the concert poster and thinks she is getting late for going to the concert. She is about to leave seeing everyone is busy. But Rupy stops her and asks where is she going? Chini lies that she is going to Hanuman ji’s temple to pray for Imlie on her birthday. Rupy likes the plan of her and she sends Imlie with her. Imlie’s clothes gets spoilt for some reason and she goes to change it. Chini gets more angry thinking again she has to wait. Chini tells Imlie to close the car window else her hairstyle will get ruined. Imlie replies she likes the smell of soil and the natural cool breeze too. Chini also should enjoy this and it can take her to the love of her life. Chini says she is really mad.

Imlie feels strange seeing the crowd near the concert and she asks Chini where is the temple and this place doesn’t look like there can be a temple. Chini says she came here to return something to her friend and Imlie can also go with her. Imlie says she doesn’t like crowd of gathering and it gives her fear and anxiety. She tells Chini to come back.

Chini takes off the old clothes and Imlie is shocked to see her in short dress under that. Chini leaves. The organiser asks Atharv why he gave a free performance on road when people paid a huge amount of money to see him in the concert. Atharv says he likes free wind and the beats of music gives him that freedom. He didn’t choose music for money but if he needed money then he would have handled his father’s business.

He gets his father’s call and gets judged by him. His father scolds him for getting arrested and for ruining his reputation. Atharv says he never cared about his wishes. His father says Atharv is free because he allows him to be free. He tells Atharv to come back home immediately. Imlie worries for Chini and ignores her fear of crowd to find her.

The guard doesn’t let her in seeing her clothes. She requests him in hindi to let her enter. He denies to which she says Hindi language can’t be a shame to people as most of the people speak in Hindi in this world. She hits his feet and he screams Ma. She says we only remember our mothers and mother tongue while we are in pain. The guard gets a lesson and says sorry to her. She enters the concert and doesn’t find Chini. She gets worried and to gather strength she recites her own written poem that. Atharv overhears that and gets impressed. He wonders whose voice it is which is giving him motivation.

Precap- Atharv and Imlie pass by and he feels her presence. Before he could see her Chini comes and faces him. Imlie searches for her.

The episode starts with Imlie’s voiceover. She introduces her daughter and says she lives in village. Imlie’s daughter comes back to Rathore Mansion from village and Imlie says she should never let city control her. Arpita and Sundar welcome her but Narmada is not happy to see Imlie’s daughter. She gets admission in a school but the other kids tease her for her poor performance. Teacher also tells Narmada that Imlie’s daughter Imlie can’t study in a convent school. Imlie grows up studying in Hindi medium school. After 10 years Imlie holds some flowers, and sees her locket where Imlie and Aryan’s photos can be seen.

Imlie’s voice gives her strength that she should not be upset thinking she is alone without her parents. She can win every battle. Her daughter Imlie sheds tears. The truck stops suddenly because of traffic where she is sitting. She asks the driver why he stopped the truck. She goes out to see why there’s traffic. She sees a huge crowd and a singer who is cheering them up. Imlie speaks out loudly that he should stop this program to else the traffic will not be clear. But the singer is busy in performing.

Imlie goes to the traffic police and tells them to stop the singer from making unnecessary crowd. She talks in pure Hindi, and the cops can’t understand what she is saying. But she says she will call the commissioner if they don’t take action. The police arrests the singer and he passes by Imlie. They feel a strange connection without seeing each other. Imlie goes to temple before the inauguration and the priest judges her by her attire. He thinks she belongs to lower class people. He doesn’t let her in saying the trustee will soon arrive so she should leave.

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