Imlie 21st July 2022 Written Update: Arpita and Narmada worry seeing Aryan’s condition


Imlie 21st July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie facing the criminals. She reveals her real look and starts beating them. There Aryan is fighting with some drunkards on road. They beat him black and blue but he doesn’t hit them back. He gets injured. Imlie tells those men that selling bad liquor products is illegal and villagers are falling sick due to that and some are dead. Some are torturing the ladies in their houses in drunken state. She says everything is recorded in her camera now she will get them arrested.

One of the men throws a pot at her camera and it breaks. Imlie gets shocked. There Cheeni waits for the police and she plays a fake police siren noise. The men wonder if Police arrived or not. One man goes to check and assumes Cheeni is playing with the siren. Cheeni prays to God that the matter should be controlled until the Police comes to arrest these men.

Inspector comes thankfully and arrests the man who saw Cheeni. Imlie attacks the other men and saves herself. They get arrested and there Aryan gets drenched in rain and stands up. He says he had a friend who used to follow him everywhere he goes. The goon asks who is that friend?

He then punches him and replies it’s death. He leaves saying death again cheated him and didn’t come to him today as well. He leaves. Inspector and ladies of the village give credits to Imlie for her great job. She saved the men of the village who were getting drunk because of these fellows. Inspector asks Imlie to join a big news company in city as she has all the exposures.

Why she is working in the village? Imlie gets upset and says Pagdandiya needs her too. Those men who beat their ladies to buy alcohol and waste their hard earned money should not be spared. She says such things need to be stopped. Inspector says he will take action and he asks her for proof but she says her camera got broken.

Cheeni tells Imlie that she fit two more cameras on her stick and on her hurricane. Imlie feels proud of her and gives the recording to Police. Imlie asks Cheeni why she didn’t go home yet. Cheeni says they should finish their shoot first. Cheeni records Imlie’s video of reporting and they head towards home happily. Aryan reaches Mansion in injured state and Narmada calls him. She asks him how did this happen? He is also late.

Aryan says he had work in office and he told her to sleep on time. She says she will treat his wound but he says he will do it himself. He goes upstairs and Arpita comes. Arpita says Aryan destroyed his own life after getting separated from Imlie. He doesn’t want to admit that he is broken. After Arvind’s death he became strong but now he can’t even concentrate on work. Arpita blames Aryan for his adamance.

Cheeni asks Imlie to buy a new camera from city. Imlie gets emotional and recalls Aryan’s words. Cheeni asks her why she always gets upset hearing city’s name. Imlie diverts the topic and says she hates City now. Aryan applies ointment on his wounds and looks into the mirror. He looks angry.

Precap- Aryan burns Imlie and his all photos in front of Arpita. He says Imlie means nothing to him now as she burnt all his dreams. She is just an ash for him and he doesn’t care about her.

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