Imlie 21st June 2022 Written Update: Jyoti puts Imlie inside a morgue cabin to kill her


Imlie 21st June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aryan calling Imlie and scolding her where is she and why she didn’t call him once before leaving. She forgot that she is pregnant and she should not take stress. She says he doesn’t care about her child and he wants to kill Madhav then why does he care this much? He questions her but she remains silent.

Jyoti suddenly hits her head and Aryan feels something is wrong. Narmada asks Imlie to open the door and Nila says they can’t wait like that. She barges in the room with Narmada and Gudiya and asks Imlie to get up. Arpita sleeps in place of Imlie and Sundar acts like Kairi. He gives leg massage to Arpita and doesn’t respond to Nila.

Narmada tells Nila that Imlie must be tired that’s why Kairi is giving her massage. They should not disturb them. Arpita gets nervous and hides her face. Nila notices that Kairi is wearing men shoes which surprises her. Narmada takes her out. Aryan comes to the hospital in search for Imlie. Jyoti sees him before she can take Imlie from there. She tells Harry to do something.

Harry says why she is afraid of showing her true colors in front of her true love? Jyoti and Harry take Imlie inside a room and hide from Aryan. Aryan finds Imlie’s sandal and thinks if Madhav does anything to Imlie then he will kill him today. Aryan calls Imlie near a morgue cabin, Imlie opens her eyes.

Imlie shouts Aryan and tries to seek help while she is locked in a morgue cabin. She fails to move her hands due to extreme cold. Aryan leaves from there and she gets emotional for not saving Cheeku and herself.

Aryan shows Imlie’s photo to everyone in the hospital. He decides to find Madhav first and sees he is unconscious on his bed. His mother is crying. Aryan wonders if Madhav is here then where is Imlie. Arpita praises Sundar for handling the situation quite well. They notice a person’s shadow and assume that it’s a thief who came by covering his body. Arpita and Sundar both the beat the person with stick and Nila screams in pain after removing the cover.

Narmada asks her what happened to which Nila says she got beaten by Arpita and Sundar. They both get shocked to see her as they didn’t expect that. Nila says she was trying to find AC remote. Narmada asks her why she went to Imlie’s room again when she already saw Imlie is taking rest.

Harry tells Jyoti that her game is over as Aryan will easily catch their lie when he will know she came to the hospital for her treatment and Imlie is also in the same hospital. Jyoti says she will handle everything, he should not ruin her mood.

Jyoti and Harry reach Rathod Mansion and she puts red teeka on her and Harry’s forehead. She lies to Narmada that she was doing puja for Aryan and Imlie’s good future as they are having differences nowadays. Gudiya takes care of Nila and says the latter can’t make any proper plan. Nila gets irked and asks her to join Jyoti’s team. She thinks she has to find out about Kairi’s whereabouts.

Jyoti practices meditation and Harry says she should thank God that she got saved but she is using his name to lie to everyone. Jyoti says she is not the one who is lying to people using God’s name. She says Madhav and Imlie must have been died now. They should celebrate the moment and have some drink. Narmada tells Arpita that they should also do puja with Jyoti as she is worried for Aryan and Imlie.

Arpita says what kind of Puja is she doing without making any noise. She also wants to see her silent prayers. Narmada and Arpita go to her room while Jyoti is drinking alcohol with Harry. Harry drinks from the bottle. Narmada and Arpita find them in that condition. There Imlie slowly falls unconscious and her body freezes.

Precap- Imlie lays on a stretcher while someone takes her to somewhere else. Aryan passes by and Imlie recognises him but she can’t move. he also identifies her hand and is about to stop her but Imlie gets inside the lift and tries to open it.

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