Imlie 22nd July 2022 Written Update: Imlie saves Binni from forced marriage


Imlie 22nd July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aryan applying medicine on his wound and then he recalls Imlie’s words. He gets angry and is about to punch the mirror but Jaggu comes there with a helicopter toy. He asks Aryan to play with him but the latter says he is sleepy. Jaggu insists him to play and make the helicopter fly with the remote. It hits a box and the box falls down.

Aryan asks Jaggu if he is fine. He loses his calm seeing his and Imlie’s wedding pictures which came out of the box. He calls the servants and scolds them for not throwing these photos away. Arpita tells him to keep his volume low. She only kept those photos safely not the servants. She tells the servants to take Jaggu to the room.

Arpita tells Aryan that the latter can’t deny he misses Imlie a lot and he is broken. She believes he will understand this thing one day and will get united with Imlie. Aryan burns the photos saying thats Imlie’s place in his life who burnt his dreams and she is nothing but ashes for him. Arpita pours water on the fire and says the burning the photos won’t change the truth that he loves her.

She leaves and Aryan calls the servants to clean the mess. He looks devastated. Nila says Imlie is gone long back but still everyone talks about her in the mansion. She calls Malini and complains to her that what will happen to PD’s wedding with Aryan. Malini gives fake assurance to PD that she will get her married to Aryan soon.

PD says to Nila that what if Malini wants to marry Aryan thus she is not taking any step. Nila says Malini doens’t have interest in Aryan otherwise she would have put forth a condition before buying the 50% shares of Bhaskar Times that she won’t do that if Aryan doesnt marry her. Aryan almost destroyed the company but Malini saved it.. PD agrees with Nila.

Anu asks Malini why she wants to unite PD and Aryan. Malini says she bought the shares as she wanted to have control over the company and she wanted to keep eyes on Rathods. If Imlie returns back she will either try to reach Aryan or she will try to join Bhaskar Times.

She will make sure Imlie never get her happiness back as Malini has locked it. Anu thinks she wants Malini to marry Aryan and by that her future will be bright and secure. Cheeni wakes up hearing some noise outside. Imlie goes to check with her and finds out that the Panch and villagers are accusing a girl named Binni, who was locked inside a room whole night by a lewd city guy.

The panch accuses Binni of spending the night with the guy. They tie up the guy with rope. Binni tells the whole incident saying she doesn’t even know the guy but he only locked her forcibly and was threatening her. Imlie recalls her own forceful marriage with Aditya and she goes to stop that. She says she thought this custom has stopped but it didn’t.

She tells the Panch to trust Binni and the lewd guy needs to get arrested. She says forceful marriage is against law and noone in the city accepts that. So this won’t solve any problem. Panch tells Imlie not to lecture as Binni is lying. The guy also puts the blame on Binni saying she was trying to attract him with her chunri and dress.

Imlie lashes out at him for judging a woman by her dress. She says it’s the men’s fault who can’t respect a woman. She convinces the villagers saying Binni is wearing Sita Maiya’s locket and it proves Sita Maiya saved her and Binni is untouched.

Panch finally believes in Imlie and they decide to punish the guy. The guy threatens Imlie but the latter shuts him up. Before that Imlie told Cheeni to record video of the whole incident. Cheeni does so. The guy calls Imlie as illiterate but Cheeni shouts at him saying they are from village but not illiterate.

Malini says Pagdandiya has snatched her husband and her father both so she will destroy the village. Imlie takes vow that she will end all the bad things in Pagdandiya. She will protect her village.

Precap- Malini decides to destroy Pagdandiya but Imlie says she won’t let anyone harm her village. She will protect it by all means. Malini grows vengeful.

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