Imlie 22nd June 2022 Written Update: Aryan saves Imlie


Imlie 22nd June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aryan thinking he feels like Imlie is in danger but why he can’t reach her. Two staffs make Imlie lay on a stretcher and she goes for her crematory. She thinks she can’t even move her body to save her child and herself.

Aryan passes by and his hand comes in contact with Imlie’s hand. He realises that its her but till the she has been taken inside the lift. He rushes to stop her. Jyoti and Harry act like meditating by sitting together. Arpita says why they are wearing headphones during puja. Jyoti asks them join and says she is listening to shloka to surround herself with positivity.

The alcohol and the glasses are hidden behind the music speakers. The staffs put Imlie in the ambulance and Imlie looks numb. Aryan comes in hurry and stops the ambulance. He removes the cover and gets shocked on finding Imlie there. He comforts her and gives her soup. He says if Madhav has planned all this and her friendship with Madhav can go to hell.

Imlie says she can say that exactly about his and Jyoti’s friendship and she is the main mastermind behind all this. Aryan gets shocked to know that. There Nila calls Meethi and asks her about Kairi’s whereabouts. Meethi first gets confused thinking she is talking about raw mango but then she gets that Imlie is playing the double role.

Meethi lies to Nila that Kairi is Imlie’s friend and noone can replace her and she can handle everything perfectly. Nila says if she can send anyone else in Kairi’s place but Meethi says there cant be any replacement. Nila gets irked and cuts the call.

Meethi gets worried thinking why Imlie is doing this, surely she is trying to find out something. She trusts her daughter. Imlie waits for Aryan to come back after paying the bill. Meethi gets distracted while the milk is boiling. She then calls Imlie and asks her what is her plan and why she has been fooling her family being Kairi.

Imlie explains everything to Nila that how Jyoti is creating misunderstanding between her and Aryan. She wants to expose her today. Meethi says Imlie’s fight is against the negative mindset of some city people not against the city. Aryan is angry with Madhav not with her. Later she wishes the best for Imlie and the latter gets happy.

Sundar comes in disguise of Kairi and covers his head. Nila scolds him for beating her like that, Arpita tries to cover up the matter but Nila says she won’t spare Kairi today. Sundar talks in Kairi’s voice and gives excuse that he is having bad throat.

Nila beats him with her sandal and then Arpita feels sorry for Sundar and hopes that all the drama will end soon. Aryan comes inside the mansion and calls out Jyoti in anger. Imlie also comes with him. Sundar asks her if she was doubtful about Jyoti. Imlie says yes and adds that Jyoti went to hospital to kill her and Madhav. Everyone gets shocked to hear that.

Precap- Aryan says love lasts longer on trust. He trusted her when she accused Jyoti but she didn’t believe him when he told about Madhav. Imlie says now she will play both the roles for her family where she will be the protector as well.

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