Imlie 22nd March 2021 Written Update: Aditya protects Imlie from village men


Imlie 22nd March 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Aditya following Imlie. Imlie says don’t stop me. You dont have to act as noone is here except Sita Maiya and me. Villagers are not watching you. Aditya pulls her near him and asks if he tells the truth will she believe him? Imlie says nothing can change the truth. Why are you doing all these to prove what? Imlie starts going but Aditya goes forward and gets on his one knee. He apologises to Imlie for hurting her so much. He says everytime you followed what I said to you. Now its my turn to support you. Imlie says him to get up and says people can see him. Imlie doesn’t stop. She keeps walking and Aditya follows her. After some time Imlie stops him saying its enough now. Now you may leave. You will leave tomorrow.

Aditya says but you won’t go with me. Imlie says she will stay in hostel. As in Tripathi house I have to take off my mangalsutra and remove the sindoor. But in hostel I won’t have to do it. Aditya feels sad. He says with getting your forgiveness I won’t go. Imlie says people apologise to their loved ones. Who am I to you? Aditya thinks he himself doesn’t know how to answer this question. Imlie says Stop worrying about me and go from here. Aditya says you really want me to leave? Imlie says yes.

Anu says to Malini that does she think Aditya has an affair. Malini says why are you creating misunderstanding. We are not talking to each other doesn’t mean you will doubt Aditya. If you are worried then learn to trust people as well. Anu says she will talk to Tripathis. She can’t see her daughter’s pain.

Imlie says to Aditya, you still following me? Please leave. Aditya says ok he’ll leave. He thinks its time to say good bye to Imlie. He will miss her so much. Imlie thinks has Babusaheb gone already. Will she turn back to see? But she stops herself from doing so.

Meethi says she is worried for Imlie’s marriage. How can she not trust Imlie. Satyakam consoles her. Meethi gets to know that Imlie is out of Pagdandiya.

Some village men come to harass Imlie. Imlie threatens them saying dont you dare touch me. Aditya beats them a lot and says she is my wife. How can you touch her. She is wearing mangalsutra of my name. Imlie stops Aditya. She sits on ground. Aditya asks her is she alright? Rainfall starts. Meethi gets worried for Imlie. Aditya takes her with him in a person’s house. They give them new clothes to wear.

Aditya talks to the old woman and seeing Imlie in the new saree Aditya gets mesmerized. Imlie sits beside him. Old man says them sleep in the room. Imlie says she will sleep on ground. Seeing rainfall Imlie says this is my enemy. Because of it things changed in my life.
Aditya says you won’t be able to forgive me? Imlie says yes I forgave you. You have continued the drama for long. Now you won’t have to accept the lie. Aditya says you know my whole truth. You know I am in dilemma. Previously in three days whatever I have done for you weren’t false. I did it as I wanted to support you.

He says to Imlie that he wants her happiness only. He has come here to find the answers of his unsolved questions but he couldn’t get them. He says I dont want you to misunderstand me. We get to meet after this or not but you will believe that I will remember you always. You have made place for you in my heart. Imlie says yes I promise. They get close to each other and hug each other.

Precap- Imlie hesitates to come out of the room. Aditya opens the door and starts laughing seeing Imlie in a man shirt and jeans.