Imlie 22nd September 2022 Written Update: Narmada stops Imlie from celebrating her birthday


Imlie 22nd September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with the transgender blessing Imlie and Atharv’s pair to be with each other always. Atharv feels awkward. Later he opens the car door and gets hurt. He says he is fine but Chini says he is so rough and tough that nothing hurts him. Imlie thanks him again for the lift and Chini takes her home. Atharv hopes that Chini will turn back to see him. She does so and smiles at him. He gets delighted. Chini tells Imlie to wait for sometime, she will change her short dress. Arpita asks Imlie where was she? Narmada says Imlie not just killed her parents but now she ruined their family reputation too.

Narmada asks Imlie since when did she start consuming drugs? Imlie says she is not a drug addict. She calls her Dadi and the latter shuts her up. Rupy asks the whole matter and Imlie reveals she never saw how a concert looks like so Chini took her there. She says police arrested her due to a misunderstanding only. She is innocent. Sundar tells her not to feel sad on her birthday. They are about to start the cake cutting but Narmada throws away the cake saying noone will celebrate Imlie’s birthday in her house as she is a bad omen. Imlie starts crying. Chini thinks thank God saved her today.

Atharv comes back home at night when the lights are off. Rudra catches him and says he must be happy after ruining his family image. He curses Atharv saying he never wished to get a son like him. Atharv gets disheartened. Imlie is also sitting upset, Chini surprises her with a new cake and enters her room.

Sundar, Arpita and Rupy also join them. Chini tells her not to shed tears again. Imlie hugs Chini and says she will never leave her alone. Rupy but what if Imlie’s special someone will take her away from Chini? Imlie says that won’t happen. Atharv sits in his car and reads the poem Imlie recited about fighting with mind war. Imlie cuts the cake and feeds everyone.

Devika makes Rudra wear tie, and says he is being too much strict with Atharv. Rudra says Atharv doesn’t have idea about his own potential. His elder son also finds shortcut to get success and Atharv is not interested to get success. He is wasting time behind music and being his father he can atleast scold him. Shivani comes and says if Atharv marries someone then only he will find the right path. Rudra says but who will marry him? Imlie makes all arrangements for engagement of Chini. Imlie asks Chini what will she find in her life partner?

Chini says she only wants a rich husband. Anu comes to meet Chini and blesses her. She says she doesn’t have blessings to give Imlie. Arpita taunts her and Anu says if they really love Chini, the property would have been hers. Imlie says she can give everything to Chini if she wants. Rupy tells Chini and Imlie to get ready, she tells them to ignore Anu’s nonsense words. Atharv’s siblings tease Atharv saying his father is searching for a girl for his marriage. What kind of girl he wants?

Atharv recalls Chini and Devika tells him to get ready to attend a wedding function. He says he is not ready for marriage yet. Devika says they will attend a wedding and he should refuse to go there else Rudra will be upset again. His siblings tease him that he might find his Katrina there. Atharv chases them to hit them. Akash’s wife says Atharv will marry a girl of his own choice and will ruin their reputation like always. Atharv is lost in thoughts of Chini and he thinks whats happening to him.

Precap- Atharv, Chini and Imlie attend the same wedding. Rudra chooses Imlie as Atharv’s bride but Atharv says he likes Chini not Imlie.

The episode starts with Imlie looking for Chini in the concert and Atharv also looks for the person whose voice he heard. Imlie’s dupatta falls on his head. He turns back and before he could see Imlie, Chini comes in between and he sees her. Chini takes back the dupatta from him and leaves with Imlie. Imlie tells her to go back but the latter scolds her but entering the concert.

Chini says she can’t even speak properly in front of unknown people. She freezes seeing them then why she is here? Chini goes to say bye to her friends and Imlie receives Rupy’s call. Imlie tells her that they are returning back after some time. One criminal bumps into Imlie and drops drug packets.

Imlie apologises to him and gives the packets to him but he doesn’t take it. She can’t recognise which kind of white powder it is but the criminal tells her it cures headache so she can keep it. She says but it belongs to him. He runs away and the police thinks how to catch him now. They feel tired and Imlie gives them the packets which shocks them. Atharv sings Ruk Ja O Dil Diwane song for Chini and the latter looks at him. She leaves with her friends thinking what if Imlie got arrested in real. Atharv thinks where she went.

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