Imlie 22nd September 2023 Written Update: Pallo breaks Aasu’s medicine bottle forcibly


Imlie 22nd September 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Agastya seeing the security is sleeping near Johri Mansion. He criticises him and goes to ask the latter about Imlie. Imlie rushes to stop him and Agastya gets shocked. He asks her why she is wearing traditional gorgeous clothes during evening walk. Imlie gives excuse and Agastya laughs. He says she is like a puzzle and he still cant believe she is wearing this dress. Imlie gives him the keys and asks him to leave. He says why she is not inviting him at home when he came for the first time. She says everyone is sleeping right now so she will invite him some other day. He agrees and leaves, security wakes up and asks Imlie who is she? She goes away from there.

Pallo questions Imlie why the latter didn’t earn anything in bar. She also asks why Imlie was not in the bar, but she went to meet the Seth. He might have given her money. Imlie says who told her that she went to meet someone. Pallo angrily breaks Aasu’s medicine bottle. She tries to break the another bottle and Imlie snatches it from her. She says Pallo will never see the truth in her eyes. During breakfast Dadi sees a girl’s photo for Agastya. She taunts Govind again and the latter hopes that the girl should not know singing. Agastya comes and Dadi says Noyonika Johri’s proposal came for him. He gets shocked hearing that and thinks Noyonika met him last night but her behaviour was not like she is interested in him. Dadi asks him to see the photo and before he could see the photo, Sonali sees it.

Sonali says he will marry her to get the property. Agastya says he will not do that doesn’t matter how beautiful the girl is. Dadi says she will then give the business responsibility to Sonali. He says she can’t force him for marriage. Dadi says she lost her two loved ones and if she wants to feed her grandchild then why it’s wrong for him. She requests Agastya and the latter leaves with the photo. Bulbul calls Amrit and talks in Imlie’s voice. She talks about the 2 lakhs deal and says she called him because she couldn’t accept the offer in front of everyone.

Amrit asks for a kiss and she asks for 5 thousand rupees. He transfers her and she gives him kiss via phone. He wants to book a hotel room but she tells him to wait for sometime. Later Agastya calls Amrit and asks him to convince Dadi not to force him for marriage. Amrit says Noyonika will be a good choice for him. He can’t handle Dadi’s and his demands both. There Pallo forces Bulbul to reveal from where she got the money. She says she took it from the bank and Pallo catches her lie. Imlie sees Amrit in the bar and panics thinking what he will do again.

Precap- Imlie teaches lesson to Amrit with her friends and Agastya sees them from far.