Imlie 23rd July 2022 Written Update: Malini publishes a fake news about Pagdandiya to malign it’s image


Imlie 23rd July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with an employee named Swapnil coming to Malini’s cabin in the office. He says he has a great news regarding a village’s evil custom and a city guy is stuck there. Malini says she is not interested to know what some illiterate villagers do. It won’t be published and if Swapnil doens’t have any city related rather than these boring ones then she will fire him. He apologises to her and is about to leave the cabin but gets a call.

He says they won’t publish the Pagdandiya news on their newspaper. Malini hears the village name and asks him to tell the news properly. She says now it will be published and she will destroy the reputation of Pagdandiya which separated her from her husband and father. Imlie vows to end all the evil things from Pagdandiya to help it for getting more progress.

Imlie and Cheeni eat together and she says Imlie is so brave and strong that she defeats the goons easily. Imlie replies Cheeni is brave since the time she was a baby. Cheeni gets happy and Meethi pulls Cheeni and Imlie’s ears as they didn’t reach home last night. Cheeni explains what happened to her, how Imlie saved Binni from a forceful marriage with a city guy.

Some villagers come to criticize Imlie saying why she is raising an unnamed kid, she gives lectures but has no explanations when it comes to Cheeni. Cheeni shuts the villagers but pointing out their own mistakes and says Imlie is her father, mother and friend. She means everything to her. They leave. Imlie, Meethi and Cheeni spend a happy moment.

Malini sees the false news on paper about Pagdandiya which says they are ruining the laws and trapping city men to get them married to their illiterate girls. They are making fun of marriage and this custom should be stopped. Malini says it will malign the image of Pagdandiya.

Swapnil comes and says they were wrong at first as it was the fault of the city guy thus they should stop the press from publishing the wrong news. Malini says it won’t happen. Swapnil says they will have to bear the loss and Malini can take permission from Aryan once. Malini says he didn’t come to office for five years. She will not take his permission. She threatens to fire and Swapnil. Aryan hallucinates about Imlie who says if he misses her then why can’t he talk to her?

Aryan gets up and says he doesn’t want her in his life. He breaks a photo frame and Arpita Narmada come to his room. They ask him to stop torturing himself. Arpita says he is just creating scene of his own emotions. Aryan asks them to leave him alone. Narmada says he is alone without Imlie and he should talk to her or atleast he can ask Meethi about her.

Malini comes and Aryan asks her why she came to his house? Malini says she is not interested to visit here but he never goes to office thus she had to come. She shows him the fake news of Pagdandiya saying it’s supporting the same evil custom which destroyed her life. Now if Aryan has any problem with this news she can stop the it from getting published. Aryan says he doesn’t have issue as it’s not wrong.

Imlie makes Cheeni ready for school and tells her to focus on her exams. Cheeni says then what will happen to her reporting? Imlie says Cheeni is not the only cameraman for her. She tells Cheeni not to take phone as it’s not allowed in school. Imlie comes to know from the villagers that a news company has published fraudulent news about Pagdandiya and it shocks Imlie. Imlie goes to her local news editor to do enquiry.

Aryan reads the news and Arpita asks him if he is worried for Imlie and the village. He replies he won’t support a social evil. Arpita says what does he want then? He says he feels nothing now. Imlie learns from the editor that a big news company published the news against their village. Imlie realises Cheeni secretly took the phone with her in her tiffin box. She says she needs the recording right now. Now whole country will witness the news of Pagdandiya

Precap- Aryan drives car and reaches Pagdandiya. He decides to talk to the villagers about the news that has been published. He sees the milestones.

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