Imlie 23rd June 2022 Written Update: Imlie fails to validate her accusation against Jyoti


Imlie 23rd June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie saying Jyoti tried to kill her and Madhav in the hospital. Narmada says how’s that possible as Jyoti is meditating in her room with Harry since morning. She didn’t even have food till now. She didn’t go out too. Imlie says that can’t be true. She and Aryan go to check on Jyoti and find her doing puja with folded hands. Harry asks them do they want to talk to Jyoti? Imlie gets shocked seeing him and asks how come he is here and she met him in the hospital only.

Jyoti was admitted there. She is about to call Jyoti but Aryan says Jyoti looks weak and her lips are also dry it proves she didn’t eat anything. Imlie had a misunderstanding surely. He leaves saying Jyoti should continue to do puja, theh won’t disturb her. Imlie says she didn’t see Jyoti’s face in the hospital but she was sure it was Jyoti. Aryan says she must have seen someone else.

Imlie sits near Jyoti and says now she will need God’s help as soon she will expose her truth in front of Aryan. Imlie asks her not to open her eyes else Imlie’s fire will burn her lies, evil plans everything. Jyoti acts innocent and Imlie says she crossed her line by trying to kill her and her child. But she will kick Jyoti out now so that she can never make such plans against Imlie. After threatening her Imlie leaves.

Imlie meets Aryan and the latter says she couldn’t validate her accusation against Jyoti when the latter was only focusing on puja, affirmation etc since the time she started staying here. He trusted Imlie and doubted Jyoti but she didn’t even doubt Madhav once. Imlie says it means Aryan thinks she is blaming Jyoti out of ego. He says she is taking advantage of his trust. She says she feels sorry for him as he became blind due Jyoti’s continuous manipulations. Imlie adds she will now protect him just how he is protecting her from Madhav.

Aryan says she doesn’t have proof to which she says she will get one day and he should just think if Madhav is wrong then why he is suffering till now and why his mother is crying for him. She asks Aryan to understand the difference between friend and fraud. Kairi sleeps in the kitchen wearing men shoes.

Nila notices the shoes and suspects her again. She calls the other members and Arpita gets nervous thinking Sundar will get caught. Sundar arrives and Arpita gets shocked. Kairi shows her face to Nila and then she starts crying and says she wore the shoes as she is missing her dead father. She cooks up a story and makes everyone emotional. Narmada asks Nila to take rest as she is behaving strange.

Kairi warns Nila to mind her own business. Jyoti goes to give Prasad to Aryan and says Imlie wont take the Prasad from her hand maybe. He says he has no idea why she doubts Jyoti. But maybe he is wrong about Madhav too.

Jyoti thinks he can’t stop suspecting Madhav, her plan will fail. She says he did right by not killing him. He says but he will confront him soon and he doesn’t tolerate wrong. He will punish the wrong person soon. Jyoti gets afraid thinking Madhav might expose her if Aryan meets him right now. She has to do something.

Precap- Jyoti asks Kairi to cut Imlie into pieces with using the knife. Kairi gets shocked hearing all of that when she tries to help her in the kitchen.

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