Imlie 23rd March 2021 Written Update: Imlie and Aditya’s romantic moment


Imlie 23rd March 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Imlie and Aditya sleeping. Satyakam Prakash get worried for Imlie. As she hasn’t given any news where she got stuck. Dulari says Aditya is a cheater. He ran away. You all are fool that you trusted him. Imlie and Aditya return back. Prakash says how can Imlie be so careless. Aditya says I was with her. I can protect her. Prakash was about to leave but Aditya says this treat is for everyone here who knows Imlie. He requests Prakash to go to restaurant.

Prakash says if I stay here our friendship won’t be broken. You will keep visiting her. I’ll go next time. Imlie teases Dulari and stops her from going to restaurant. Dulari gets angry and tries to trouble Imlie. Imlie and Aditya look at each other. Dulari ruins Imlie’s Saree. Imlie sees them and and understands Dulari did all these. Aditya waits for Imlie. He says you haven’t forgiven me yet? Why don’t you come outside? Imlie says she is not comfortable in her dress.

Aditya says from when did you start caring about your dress! He opens the door. Imlie comes out in Aditya’s dress. Aditya starts laughing. Imlie says Dulari cant stand me at all. I am looking really weird. I can’t go. I am looking like a man. Aditya says its not like that. He ties one rose with Imlie’s hair. Imlie gets shy. Aditya says now you are looking like a cute girl. They have a romantic moment together. Aditya says now we are getting late.

Satyakam criticizes Dev. He says Aditya is far better than Dev. Dev didnt even come back to see Meethi for once. Meethi says don’t talk bad about him. Satyakam says if he ever sees Dev here he will kill him. Dev drives car and thinks in past he did many mistakes. Wish he could rectify all of them.

Dulari teases Imlie after seeing her in that dress. She says you are looking like man. Imlie starts acting saying she is Dulari’s late husband’s soul. Dulari gets scared. Imlie says she knows everything about all her cleverness. She troubled Imlie and her mother a lot. She doesnt do any household work. Dulari starts crying and says she won’t do it again. Aditya smiles at Imlie. Aditya says to Dulari that she will treat Imlie well. Dulari promises. Imlie then gives permission to Dulari for going to restaurant.

At restaurant manager doesn’t allow Satyakam and others in the restaurant. They get angry. Satyakam says Babusaheb will handle everything. Dulari and Imlie reach there.

Anu calls Aparna and says she wants to come and meet Tripathis. Aparna says come with Malini. Anu says She won’t come. Anu says I cant see her daughter’s pain anymore because of Aditya.

Precap- Dev reaches Pagdandiya. Satyakam says to Meethi that he also is suffering like her because of Dev. Aditya looks at Dev.