Imlie 23rd March 2022 Written Update: Aryan outsmarts Imlie


Imlie 23rd March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie lighting the lantern and praying to God that she doesn’t want to get trapped in a forced marriage again. She loves her family and she wants their happiness always. Everyone prays what they want. Aditya says to get back Imlie he is praying, Narmada prays for Aryan, Imlie and Arpita’s happiness, Aparna prays for doing good to others like Imlie, Sundar prays to get Arpita’s companionship and Gudiya prays to get Aryan’s property soon.

Aryan looks at Imlie and the latter opens her eyes and helps the lantern to go up but it fails repeatedly. Imlie gets shocked and thinks why Sita Maiya is not accepting her wish and she doesn’t want this fake marriage. Aryan tries to find out whats wrong in the lantern. Badi Ma recalls how she and Gudiya made a hole in Imlie’s lantern and they taunt her saying this is a bad omen before marriage. Narmada gets into thinking.

Aditya taunts Aryan saying the latter’s wish won’t get fulfilled that easily, Aryan asks him to shut up as he can’t insult him for the same reason all the time. He adds despite ruining Imlie’s life Aditya didn’t get punishment. He even tried to slap Sundar and killed Arvind. Arpita shuts Aryan up. Aditya says he won’t tell anything as he knows Imlie only loves him and she will come back to him rejecting this fake marriage. She can’t forget her true love. Aryan says Aditya is expert at forgetting lovers. First he forgot Malini then Imlie and again Malini. Aditya tells him to stop his nonsense talk.

Narmada asks why Aditya says this is a fake marriage. Aparna tells Narmada to relax as this ritual is not a proper ritual. Its for fun. She takes Aditya away. Imlie tries to see whats wrong with the lantern. Her hand gets burnt and Aryan tells her to be careful and she tells him not to show concern. Finally she finds a hole and covers it up. The lantern goes up after all the hurdles and everyone gets happy. Another lantern falls off and it’s of Gudiya’s. Gudiya gets irked.

Meethi tells Imlie to not worry much. Now everything will be good in her life. Imlie stays quiet. She attempts to take off her necklace and Aryan comes to help her. She says she will manage. Aryan asks her about the mehendi how she performed the ritual beforehand as she is not interested at all. She reveals it’s just a plastic cover and the mehendi didnt get applied on her palm. She says just how he betrayed her she did the same.

Tit for tat. She says now her mothers will decide that their pair is not heavenly so they will cancel the wedding automatically. Aryan says nice trick but he then looks at his own mehendi of Imlie’s name. He says he won’t let the marriage get cancelled. Imlie goes to sleep and next day Meethi and Tripathis come to see her mehendi before she wakes up. Meethi gives a shocking expression and wakes Imlie up.

Imlie prays that her wedding will get cancelled now. Meethi says her mehendi color is so deep. Imlie gets shocked on finding mehendi on her hands. She think Aryan did that for sure. Narmada says she never saw deeper mehendi color than this. They leave after blessing Imlie. Aryan comes to tease Imlie saying everyone is praising her mehendi design and color. Imlie questions him why he did all these.

Precap- Imlie tells Aryan that she hates him the most. She shouts at him and demands answer

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