Imlie 24th January 2023 Written Update: Chini gets pissed with Arto


Imlie 24th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Arto asking Imlie if he can stay back in her room? Imlie says they know they will get separated so they should not get attached. Arto leaves the room and Imlie closes the door being emotional. Arto thinks he was failing to move on, he wanted Chini back then why he is not feeling good and it seems he lost something.

Imlie thinks soon two lovers will get united and her separation with Arto was predestined. Anu tells Chini that soon Arto will be hers. Imlie fails to concentrate on the puja and she apologises for that. Chini says if Imlie should unite two lovers then it will be no less than worship. Imlie says her eyes will be on Chini always and she fixed her meeting with him. Chini gets happy and tries to hug him but Imlie stops her. Imlie says Chini should not play games this time and she will only tell the truth to him.

Chini asks her why she is being protective about Arto. Soon she will lose him and she won’t be able to see him with Chini. Imlie says you should not worry about me. She says it will be Arto’s decision whether he wants to accept Chini or not. Chini says she already re-entered his life, she gets Abhishek’s call and ignores it. Imlie asks her to tell the truth to Abhishek. Chini says but until her discussion with Arto is over what would she tells Abhishek? She suggests Imlie to talk to Abhishek. Imlie says he is Chini’s fiance and she can’t meet him. Chini says Abhishek helped Imlie a lot so he deserves to learn the truth and she should return the favour to him.

Imlie calls Abhishek and says she wants to meet him. He says Chini is not talking to him to which Imlie says he deserves to learn the truth. There Anu tells Chini to be careful as lmlie has become smart, Chini says she convinced her with her emotional acting. Now Imlie will make sacrifices for her. Abhishek tells Imlie that Chini is upset with him and he hopes they will solve the issues. Imlie says when two people are in love then there’s no place for third person. She gives a hint to Abhishek and leaves without revealing the whole truth. She feels sorry and he sits upset. Imlie gets nervous thinking what if Arto gets fooled by Chini. He should take wise decision only.

Arto asks Chini at the restaurant why she wants to meet him? She says why he is not showing any excitement. She then adds she keeps thinking about him whenever she is with someone else. Arto says though it’s tough but if they genuinely want then they can move on. He used to face the same. Chini gets shocked hearing that. She thinks he is lost in Imlie’s thoughts. She leaves angrily. He thinks why he can’t stop thinking about Imlie. Imlie tries to divert her mind by doing more work. She calls her manager and the latter gives her a task to go on a location to catch some fake money providers. Imlie says she is strong like her mother and she can do that.

There Arto hears a kid is reciting Imlie’s poem. He is about to give her a call but Chini asks him why he is talking about Imlie when he is meeting her. Arto tells her to have some shame for taking the credits from Imlie for writing the poems. Chini is left shocked to hear that. Imlie is the Shayara not she.

Episode ends

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