Imlie 24th June 2022 Written Update: Jyoti reveals her plan to Kairi


Imlie 24th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aryan telling Jyoti that the culprit will be punished if he wrongly accused Madhav. Jyoti gets afraid and there Kairi gets into thinking what will be Jyoti’s next step as she knows Imlie is aware of her truth. Kairi gets an idea from Gudiya and she thinks Jyoti knows Imlie is aware of her truth but Jyoti doesn’t know Kairi is Imlie. She goes to meet Jyoti.

Jyoti thinks Aryan becomes more intelligent whenever she tries to instigate him against Madhav. Kairi comes to her and acts like crying. Kairi complains against Imlie that the latter’s relatives are annoying her a lot. She cant take that anymore.

Jyoti thinks Kairi will help her execute her plan as she also dislikes Imlie. She asks Kairi for help but thinks Kairi can be smart like Imlie so she hides the matter. Aryan reaches hospital and sees it caught fire. He rushes to save Madhav and his mother.

Jyoti recalls how she told Harry to set the hospital on fire stop Aryan from knowing the truth. Harry informs Police that Aryan attempted to kill Madhav and his mother. Aryan has come to reconfirm if Madhav died. Harry acts like a news reporter and tells the inspector to arrest Aryan. Police arrived and arrests Aryan for attempting to murder charges. Aryan gets shocked.

Kairi talks to Jyoti again and the latter says her job is done so she doesn’t need Kairi’s help. Kairi praises her and the latter says she wants to drink alcohol with her new friend Kairi. Kairi thinks she can’t drink alcohol as she is pregnant. Jyoti gives her wine and thinks she will learn Kairi’s truth if Imlie sent her.

Imlie outsmarts her and acts like she drank it before Jyoti. She makes Jyoti drunk and learns what she has done to Madhav. Jyoti reveals today Madhav will die for sure due to fire accident. Kairi gets worried and Harry stops Jyoti from telling anything further. Jyoti can’t stand due to intoxicated state. Harry tells Kairi to leave and scolds Jyoti.

Jyoti dances and Harry decides to leave the house while she is not in her senses. But Jyoti stops him from leaving. She breaks a bottle on her hand saying his fear should not be vanished that easily. Imlie thinks Jyoti has crossed all limits and then she comes to know from Aryan’s lawyer that Aryan is arrested for trying to kill Madhav. She thinks now Jyoti is trying to trap Aryan.

Kairi reaches police station and the inspector asks her to go without taking any stuff of her own. She acts like she has come here to clean the place. She meets Aryan and asks him what is he doing here? Aryan tells her about his issues with Imlie and says he went to check on Madhav when Imlie told him that he might be innocent. Imlie gets happy to know that Aryan listened to her.

Precap- Kairi turns into Imlie and Harry catches her. He confronts her and she is shocked to see him. He says Kairi is Imlie and Imlie is Kairi.

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