Imlie 24th March 2022 Written Update: Aryan applies mehendi on Imlie’s hands


Imlie 24th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie thinking who have done this to her. Aryan comes to her and flashback is shown. He comes to her room secretly and she talks while she is sleeping. She thinks it’s a cow but he says noone can call him cow except Arpita. He then slowly goes towards her and applies mehendi on her hands without her knowledge. He says he is sorry for what he is doing but he won the challenge. Imlie misunderstands Aryan saying how can he come to her room at late night. He tried to take her advantage. He says does she really think he can do that. Imlie says she doesn’t want to perform any rituals with him. She wanted a fake marriage but why he is forcing her to perform the rituals. Aryan reveals he wants to perform the rituals with her.

Imlie questions him why he is saying that, does he want to make her his wife. So he finally fell in love with her. She gets upset and sits on bed. She says she is a pawn for him and he can’t love her she knows that. She says she is nothing but a strong weapon for him. Aryan controls himself from reaching. She holds him by his collar saying why he did that.

Aditya was upset seeing her fake mehendi then why he applied real mehendi on her hands. He thinks she already decided that she means nothing to him, so he won’t tell her the truth. She should not destroy her life by staying with Aditya. Imlie demands explanations from him and he says his revenge is not ended yet so he will do whatever is best to win over Aditya. Imlie’s stupid actions won’t stop him from destroying Aditya. Imlie wears bangles angrily and says she has to do something to stop the wedding.

Rupy says Imlie’s mehendi color is so deep and it’s pretty. Aditya overhears that and asks Imlie to show her mehendi. She says she already did and if he wants to see something important then he should first know that respect is necessary in a relationship. Aditya says Aryan is a cheater and did he ever made her feel as if he respects her. Imlie recalls how Aryan helped her previously. He says she should not let Aryan what he wants. Aditya leaves.

Next day Meethi gives shagun to Aryan’s family. She gives an envelope to Badi Ma and Gudiya. Badi Ma mocks her for giving such a less amount. She compares her high status with Meethi’s low status. Meethi tries to give her ring but Arpita stops her. Narmada says money doesn’t define someone’s characteristics. Imlie is really a well mannered girl. Rupy says Badi Ma reminds her of someone they know. Narmada apologises to Meethi for Badi Ma’s behaviour. Aryan and Imlie get ready and come to the venue. He says he knows Imlie is planning something for sure.

Precap- Imlie stirkes a deal with Gudiya and Badi Ma

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