Imlie 25th August 2022 Written Update: Imlie forces Nila to apologise to Chini


Imlie 25th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie falling on Aryan and Chini smiles seeing them. Aryan and Imlie share an eye lock. Imlie gets up and he asks her if she can’t stand on the table properly then why does she do that?

She replies his eyesight is weak and she fell because of him. Aryan says mistakenly he won’t let her fall. He is about to leave to avoid the awkwardness and Imlie asks him that why he comes to save her when he doesn’t trust her? Why he takes stand for her and doubt her at the same time. Aryan says because she is a betrayer. She doesn’t need to show off by decorating the house. He won’t tolerate her interference in his house, he is also not interested to participate in Janmastami puja so he decides leave the house tomorrow. Chini gets upset and says she has to stop Aryan from leaving.

Sundar helps Imlie in decorating the jhula and Chini comes with Jaggu. Jaggu holds Sundar and Arpita’s hands saying they are his parents and they will do the puja together on Janmashtami. He asks Chini where are her parents? Chini sees Aryan is coming downstairs and she takes Imlie to him. She holds both their hands saying Aryan is her Nand Baba and Imlie is Yasodha Ma.

They will do the puja on Janmashtami. Aryan says he won’t be at home that time, Imlie scolds Chini and tells her not to be adamant always. Chini cries and Arpita says why Imlie and Aryan can’t fulfil Chini’s wish? They should not make her cry. Aryan assures Chini that he will be doing the puja and it delights her.

Malini arrives with a Bal Gopal idol, she acts as if she is sad for her child’s disappearance and says she would have celebrated the festival in the same way with her daughter but it couldn’t happen, she will celebrate it alone. She brought the idol for Rathores. Narmada asks her to join them during the celebrations as she is not alone.

Imlie thinks Malini herself left Chini at a temple now she wants to gain sympathy. She decides to be careful about Malini’s intentions. Chini places the Bal Gopal on the Jhula. Chini says she got Imlie and Aryan as her parents luckily though she has noone. Imlie cheers her up. Chini and Jaggu argue on who will become the Krishna on Janmashtami. Imlie says they both will become Krishna so that noone gets upset.

Nila taunts Chini and compares her with Sudama. Imlie calls her as devil for differentiating between kids. Nila tries to slap her but Imlie twists her hand. Imlie says Nila is not leaving the house from five years like a termite and she is creating issues in their family shamelessly. But she won’t let her do that anymore. She asks Nila to apologise to Chini. Nila does so. On Janmashtami Anu shows off saying Malini brought the 22 carat gold idol for them. Imlie comes after getting ready and Narmada compares her with pure gold. Anu gets irked.

Precap- Aryan gets impressed seeing Imlie’s look. He gets close to her and Malini gets angry. She says they can’t get united because of Chini. She calls some of her men and asks where are they now?

The episode starts with Imlie giving the earpiece to the police saying Malini owns it and she got the same one in the event. Inspector questions Malini is she responsible for the blast and she placed the bomb in her own company’s reporting mic? Malini gets nervous and Anu arrives at the time with the identical earpiece saying she sound it in car and Malini should not be careless with diamond jewels. She recalls how she paid double amount of money to the seller to get the same earpiece and the seller deleted the CCTV footage too.

Malini says Anu is only calling her careless but Imlie is calling her a terrorist. Why she keeps blaming her? Aryan says Imlie has proved all the accusations against her and they can reveal it to the police too. Malini tells the Inspector that she is the COO of this company and he can contact her if he needs any help. Inspector says sorry to her and leaves. Imlie is about to leave and Malini asks her to apologise. Imlie says one day she will prove this accusation too then she will make sure Malini gets punished.

Malini says Imlie is overconfident and she can’t make everything alright and her existence doesn’t matter to anyone, without her also things will go on. The employees feel grateful towards Imlie as Aryan came to the office because of her efforts. Imlie says she won’t leave until everything gets back to normal. Aryan overhears that and goes to Imlie.

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