Imlie 25th February 2022 Written Update: Anu gets arrested


Imlie 25th February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Malini meeting Anu before leaving. She hugs Anu and breaks down to tears saying Aditya threw her out. Anu consoles her and says they will talk about it at home. Aditya says Anu can’t go home that easily. Satyakam arrives in Police jeep. Everyone gets shocked seeing him.

Satyakam meets Aditya and the latter apologises to him for sending him to jail. He trusted a wrong person. Satyakam forgives him and says he should have trusted Imlie. He didnt do that so he lost Imlie. Satyakam leaves. Anu gets arrested and Malini tries to stop the police. Aditya tells her that he didnt complaint against Malini as she is pregnant. He will make sure Anu gets punished for her deed. Anu threatens them all saying she won’t spare them. Rupy says a criminal should get the proper punishment. Tripathis leave Malini alone and she starts crying.

Meethi tells Imlie that today the latter proved her innocence and if Aditya apologised to her or not. Imlie replies yes while performing aarti. She says she is worried for the unborn child as he/she doesn’t have a good mother like Meethi. Imlie insists Meethi to sing lullaby for her. Meethi sings and Imlie falls asleep.

Arpita gives coffee to Aryan and asks him why he looks tensed. Aryan says he knows he has no control over Imlie’s life but he has problem with Aditya. Aditya doesn’t deserve anything and specially not Imlie. Arpita tells him he doesn’t know Aditya properly so he should not judge him. Aditya looks broken and Aparna asks him to eat food. Aditya regrets for not listening to her warnings. As a result he lost Imlie forever. Now Imlie doesn’t want to talk to him or come back to him. He lays on Aparna’s lap and cries. Aparna consoles him and saying he should learn from his mistakes and should not hurt Imlie again. Aditya says he will win her trust again and will apologise to her. He will take her back to Tripathi house.

Next day Aditya doesn’t wake up and Pankaj says its dawn already and he just have to find the light. Aditya says he is missing Imlie but she won’t talk to him now. Pankaj advises Aditya to not lose hope as Imlie still loves him and he should bring her back. Aparna suggests Aditya to say sorry to Imlie. Imlie argues with Aryan as she is reaching office late because of him. Aryan says she is not late. Imlie was about to enter without registering her name. Guard tells her to register first. Imlie tells Aryan to register his name but he says he made the rules so he doesn’t need to do that.

Later Imlie gets shocked on finding Aditya’s name there. Aryan learns Aditya came to office. The employees surround Aditya and Aryan questions him why he came back again. Aditya says he wants to join Bhaskar Times again. He wants to get back what he lost, he can even beg for that. He looks at Imlie. Aryan hires him and tells him to get his paperwork done. Imlie goes to her desk and Aditya calls her. She ignores him. She bumps into Aditya and Aryan notices them from his cabin.

Precap- Aditya tells Imlie to marry Aryan. Aryan asks Imlie to marry him in order to save Aditya.

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