Imlie 25th July 2022 Written Update: Girish kidnaps Cheeni


Imlie 25th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie telling Binni to tell her story in front of the camera and reveal the truth behind the fake news. Binni says that noone believes in the truth, she went through a lot of humiliation and now a false news is ruining her village’s name when the city guy is at fault not she. Binni says all this using an emotional tone. The employees talk about the news that who allowed this fake news to get published.

Swapnil tells his colleague that he told Malini not to take this step but she still did. Some people start protesting near the office of Bhaskar Times. Malini panics and calls Aryan to inform all that. Aryan says its his duty is to take care of the safety of his employees and office. He is coming.

Aryan gets inside the office ignoring the protestors and sees the news on TV. He asks Malini angrily who told them to publish all these that their company’s name is at sake. Malini Pagdandiya people are smart and they are using an emotional video to manipulate the public. The news is not fake.

Aryan sees the news and Binni’s words remind him of Imlie’s words. Before he could see Imlie he learns about the editor in Pagdandiya. Aryan calls him whose name is Kamal and threatens him saying the latter shouldn’t have done this to malign his company’s image.

Now it’s about his people’s safety and he can go to any extent to protect them. He is Aryan Singh Rathod and he knows how to teach a lesson to his enemies. Kamal gets scared. Imlie turns off the camera and goes to meet Kamal. Kamal tells her that the owner of the company is furious and warning them. Imlie is about to talk to Aryan but Cheeni talks to him instead of her.

Cheeni talks rudely with Aryan saying he is showing attitude for no reason. She challenges him saying if he has guts then he should come to Pagdandiya and threaten them by coming face to face. Aryan says she doesn’t know who is she talking to!

He will sue her. Cheeni mocks him and cuts the call. Imlie says they have fearless girls like Cheeni so nothing can happen to their village. Kamal says she is the best mother. Imlie recalls Aryan’s words that they lost Cheeku because of her carelessness. Aryan says he wants to read the news piece right now written by Swapnil. Malini says she read that and he has done a great job.

Aryan should not doubt his own employees due to some stupid villagers. Investors question Aryan as to why he didnt show interest in his business for last five years. They are facing this crisis because of him. Aryan returns back all their money which they invested and tells them to leave saying he needs peace not their lecture.

Imlie takes Cheeni to school as her school hours are not over. She didn’t finish her exam yet. Malini tells Aryan that they should file a complaint against Pagdandiya villagers. Aryan leaves the office. Malini asks Swapnil to get Girish released from the lock up. Imli learns from Kamal that Girish is out of jail now he can harm Binni.

Imlie gets tensed and there Cheeni gets inside the school. Girish follows her and kidnaps her. He locks her in a store room after making her unconscious. He thanks Malini for getting him released and says his job is done. He doesn’t reveal Imlie’s name but he says he abducted her daughter. Malini says child is the greatest weakness someone can use for benefit. She will save her company image using that child. Imlie comes to find Cheeni inside the school but can’t find her.

Precap- Aryan reaches Pagdandiya to meet them. He looks angry and notices the milestones to get an idea of the distance. Imlie worries for Cheeni

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