Imlie 25th March 2021 Written Update: Meethi saves Dev


Imlie 25th March 2021 Written Update On

Episode starts with Prakash telling Imlie where Aditya went. Imlie gets worried for him and starts walking. Imlie notices Dev’s car. She wonders why is he here?

Dev says to Satyakam that he is here for responsibility. Satyakam beats him saying now Imlie doesn’t need you. She is grown up. Now you are caring for her after ages?

Anu says only she cares for Malini. Noone else. Aditya’s father says its their personal matter they will handle. Anu says its enough now Malini and Aditya will divorce each other. Tripathis get shocked.

Meethi comes behind. Aditya asks why are you here! Meethi says you all can’t find Satyakam in this huge forest. Aditya tells everyone to go in different directions.

Satyakam says he will kill Dev. Dev says he just wants to hug Imlie for one last time. Imlie should know she has a father. Satyakam says she doesn’t want to see you. He was about to shoot him but Meethi stops him. Satyakam says he is waiting for him so that he can kill him. Meethi recalls everything. Meethi says you can’t kill him. He is Imlie’s father. Aditya overhears their conversation and gets shocked. Dev says he didn’t know he has a daughter. He has come here for Imlie. Aditya connects the dots. He understands everything.

Tripathis say that we should not give up. Malini will return back and solve the matter with Aditya. Anu says why you are expecting it from Malini? Aditya hasn’t returned yet. You will only take Aditya’s side not my daughter’s side.

Satyakam lashes out at Dev saying Meethi, Imlie suffered a lot for you. You got married again and you have daughter. You gave her a good life. But what about Imlie. You deserve to die. You are lying to Meethi again. Dev says yes I want to die. I am coward, weak. But I am not a bad father. Satyakam was about to shoot Dev but Meethi slaps Satyakam.

Anu says again insults Imlie. She says Malini is not talking to her properly. She is upset because of Imlie as well. If Aditya can’t value Malini. She won’t come here ever. Tripathis say that at least wait for Aditya to come.

Meethi says if Dev was not worried for Imlie. Why he risked his life? Dev says call Imlie, tell her the truth. Meethi says if Dev accepts Imlie, she will get respect in society. She will get happiness. Satyakam says father’s name is not enough. She has to struggle as well. She needs father’s support which Dev didn’t give. He has not big heart. Satyakam says I can give my name to Imlie. Dev thanks Satyakam for taking care of Imlie. Satyakam says stop thanking me as I did any favor. He leaves. Aditya says respect for Satyakam has increased in his heart.

Precap- Dev was about to tell about Malini and her in laws due to whom he met Imlie. Aditya thinks now his truth will get revealed as well.

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