Imlie 25th November 2021 Written Update: Aryan learns Imlie is married


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The episode starts with Imlie talking to matarani about her article happily and then she prays for Aditya’s wellbeing. Imlie sees Aparna in the temple and shows her the article. Aparna teases her and then she says they should have accepted her at first this wouldn’t have happened. Radha says they are waiting for Imlie when she will come back. Imlie says she has to go to office. She leaves in hurry and bumps into Aryan. Narmada’s puja thal falls down and Aryan asks Imlie why she didn’t go to office yet. Imlie replies she came for darshan. Narmada gets happy to see her and talks to her in broken English. Later she calls Aryan arrogant. Narmada suggests Aryan to go with Imlie as their destination is same. Imlie says she won’t go as he drives the car really fast. Last time he did it. Aryan shuts her up. Aryan and Imlie both refuse to go together but Narmada forces them.

Imlie imitates Aryan while leaving and he glares at her. Aparna tells Tripathis she met Imlie in the temple. Sundar says he misses her a lot. Malini asks her what Imlie said about Aditya’s contribution as he was the one who helped her. But she is not grateful enough, she is now preferring someone else and forgot Aditya. She provokes Aditya saying she knows the importance of relations. Imlie needs support but not like this. Rupy sides with Imlie saying they should take inspiration from Imlie as she lives alone in hostel and dealing with her issues not like others who knows only to criticise. Malini thinks she will plan again against Imlie.

Imlie thanks Aryan for publishing her article. Aryan says he just did his job nothing else. Warden sees Imlie in big car and she misunderstands her again. She decides to question her.

Imlie learns from Aryan that he chose her article over Aditya’s article and published it on front page. Imlie gets shocked and says he shouldn’t have done that. Aditya’s article is much better than hers. Aryan says she should focus on herself only, he asks why does she care for Aditya so much. Imlie gets teary and says as he is her mentor and she respects him. Rupy tells Nishant that it’s their turn to meet Imlie. They should celebrate in different way. Nishant says Imlie won’t celebrate without Aditya. Rupy says they can make Imlie and Aditya meet each other. Nishant likes the idea. Malini overhears that.

Aryan reaches office with Imlie. Aditya sees her coming out of Aryan’s car and recalls Malini’s words. Imlie thinks Aditya will congratulate her but he ignores her. Aditya enters office where everyone is talking about Imlie’s article. Aditya tells one employee to focus on his work as he is not as lucky as Imlie. Imlie hears that and asks Aditya what he feels, is there any problem in her article. Aditya says newspaper is 24/7 business and her article shouldn’t be published on front page but on sixth page. He doesn’t like Aryan’s way of working. Imlie gets offended and says now he doubts her capability. Aditya says he won’t ask her anything from now as one question changed his life. Suraj tells them not to start their argument again in office. Aryan learns Imlie is Aditya’s wife. He signs and sees Imlie removed her surname Tripathi and he thinks means Imlie got separated from Aditya.

Precap – Imlie cries in street as she is thrown out of the hostel.