Imlie 26th August 2022 Written Update: Imlie is put in an awkward position


Imlie 26th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Narmada and Arpita complimenting Imlie. Sundar teases Imlie saying she will look like a chipkali only, Imlie also teases him by calling him a monkey. Anu gets Imlie is put in an awkward position seeing their chit-chat and she asks Malini how long they have to tolerate all this. Malini says her new plan is ready and her men will arrive soon.

Chini and Jaggu come downstairs in Kanha ji’s attire. Arpita tries to click a picture of them but Preeta says she will also pose for the picture. Arpita says they want to take the picture of the kids only. Later Chini asks Imlie to take Aryan here for the puja. Preeta says she will bring him here but Arpita diverts Preeta’s mind saying Preeta should fix her make up which got ruined.

Narmada tells Imlie to go to Aryan’s room. Imlie hesitates and makes faces at Chini. Chini insists her and Imlie goes. Malini thinks she will not let Chini succeed in uniting Aryan and Imlie. Aryan tries to get the string through his payjama but he fails to do so. He gets irritated and Imlie gets inside. She gets shocked seeing him without pants and Aryan feels embarassed. They both turn back. Imlie asks him why he didn’t close the door. She asks him to get ready fast as everyone is waiting for him for the puja.

Aryan tells her to lock the door and he requests her to help him. He hesitates and says he has never done it alone so he needs her. He can’t ask a random person, its bit personal etc. Imlie misinterprets his words and asks him how dare he asks something like this to her? He says he is talking about inserting the string. They both feel awkward and she helps him finally and inserts the string with her hairpin.

Aryan gets close to her and smells her hair. She asks him why is he smelling her hair? He says he doesn’t like the smell of her hair. Malini knocks on the door and calls them. Aryan wears the pant and opens the door. Malini thinks Aryan and Imlie came closer because of Chini. She calls her men to ask where are they? Aryan and Imlie come for the puja. Chini and Jaggu argue over who will dance first.

Malini thinks everyone can’t focus on Chini else her plan will flop. She asks for a group dance. Rathores start dancing on Radha Teri Chunri song. Malini goes near Bal Gopal and Chini picks it up. Chini talks to the idol about Kanha ji’s birthday. Malini signals her men to kidnap her when everyone is busy in dancing. After the dance Imlie looks for Chini and says she wanted to do puja with them then where is she now. Jaggu says he doesn’t have idea where is Chini. Imlie gets worried for her.

Precap- Everyone searches for Chini and Anu says Chini is a thief too and the gold idol is missing. It clearly says that Chini ran away after stealing the idol to sell it somewhere for money. Imlie shuts Anu up saying this time she won’t be quite as she has been quite since six years. Malini tries to shut Imlie up but Imlie shouts at her too.

The episode starts with Imlie falling on Aryan and Chini smiles seeing them. Aryan and Imlie share an eye lock. Imlie gets up and he asks her if she can’t stand on the table properly then why does she do that?

She replies his eyesight is weak and she fell because of him. Aryan says mistakenly he won’t let her fall. He is about to leave to avoid the awkwardness and Imlie asks him that why he comes to save her when he doesn’t trust her? Why he takes stand for her and doubt her at the same time. Aryan says because she is a betrayer. She doesn’t need to show off by decorating the house. He won’t tolerate her interference in his house, he is also not interested to participate in Janmastami puja so he decides leave the house tomorrow. Chini gets upset and says she has to stop Aryan from leaving.

Sundar helps Imlie in decorating the jhula and Chini comes with Jaggu. Jaggu holds Sundar and Arpita’s hands saying they are his parents and they will do the puja together on Janmashtami. He asks Chini where are her parents? Chini sees Aryan is coming downstairs and she takes Imlie to him. She holds both their hands saying Aryan is her Nand Baba and Imlie is Yasodha Ma.

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