Imlie 26th July 2022 Written Update: Imlie goes on a lookout for Chini


Imlie 26th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie talking to inspector and Meethi informs her that school principal called her and said Chini is missing and she is nowhere to be found in the village as well. Imlie gets shocked to hear that and says she herself dropped her in school, then how can she be absent. She would never disappear without informing anybody. She recalls Girish ran away and she gets afraid for Chini. She leaves to find her. Inspector says he will tell his team to block the roads so that kidnapper can get caught. Girish puts unconscious Chini in a bag and carries it away.

Anu asks Malini how Girish can help her? Malini says he wants to prove himself innocent and he will use the reporter’s daughter to do that. It will automatically clean the image of Bhaskar Times. Anu asks about Aryan and Malini confidently says Aryan didnt show interest about Pagdandiya in last five years then he won’t be bothered now as well. She calls to know where he is. She gets shocked that he went out of Delhi.

Imlie runs on street and there Aryan crosses the barricade while going to Pagdandiya. He recalls all his memories with Imlie. Girish gets afraid seeing the blockade and decides to find out how to escape. He asks for lift from Aryan saying he is sick so he can’t carry the heavy bag for long and he needs to stay somewhere. Aryan helps him. Imlie passes by Aryan’s car and they both don’t notice each other. Aryan’s car splashes muddy water on her and she recalls her first meet with Aryan.

She asks the police if they saw Chini. She hears some villagers are calling her unlucky who didn’t get her father’s support and is raising a kid who is also homeless and has no father. Society would never accept Chini.. Imlie tells them not to poke their noses in her matter. She is strong enough to give Chini a better a life. Girish checks the bag and Aryan asks him to put the bag in dickey but the latter denies.

Aryan asks him why he covered his face with monkey cap. Girish says he is not well that’s why. Malini panics thinking what if Imlie meets Aryan in Pagdandiya and her game will be over. Anu says Imlie wont meet him if Aryan comes back home due to some emergency. Malini gets an idea. Imlie gets tired after a long walk and she rides a scooty to go further. She goes behind Aryan’s car without knowledge.

The bag moves a little bit and Girish somehow manages to cover it up. Aryan drops him near a lodge. He won’t get a better place than that. Girish asks him if he came to this village before as well. Aryan recalls the memories with Imlie in Pagdandiya. He tells him to get out of his car. Imlie asks Meethi about Chini.

Meethi says she is not found yet. Imlie feels shattered and cries hugging her. She says she put Chini’s life in risk. Meethi says Imlie has been brave since childhood by staying with Satyakam so she is giving the same teaching to Chini. Meethi asks her to think where can Girish go with Chini. Imlie thinks he might be in a lodge where she didn’t check yet. She leaves for lodge and Chini looks at Girish there.

Precap – Malini spikes Rathod’s food so that they fall sick and Aryan comes back. Before Rathods could eat it Jaggu ruins her plan and she gets mad at him. Everyone thinks why Malini is angry.

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