Imlie 26th March 2021 Written Update: Meethi refuses Dev’s proposal


Imlie 26th March 2021 Written Update On

Episode starts with Imlie talking to Satyakam. She asks where was he? And where’s Babusaheb Meethi? She asks seeing his upset face what happened? Satyakam hugs her. He says though he is not her father but he loves her more than anything. He tells her to be strong always so that she keeps fighting. Imlie asks who he was with in forest? Satyakam leaves.

Meethi asks how your daughter knows Imlie? Dev thinks he can’t tell that Imlie was staying like a servant in Malini’s in laws house. He says he wants to apologize to Meethi for all the taunts she heard from people. For all the tears. Meethi says I learned how to cry after you left me. I didn’t feel bad because of me but because of Imlie. She has no fault in it. Imlie couldn’t tell her father’s name in childhood. Imlie learned how to hide her tears when she was so small. Meethi says Dev should apologize to Imlie.

Aditya hears everything. He imagines himself in Dev’s place and Imlie in Meethi’s place. Aditya says I shouldn’t have left you like this. Imlie says you were in my heart always. I didn’t get scope to hate you as I love you a lot. Dev tells Meethi wish I could never left you. Aditya thinks he is doing the same thing with Imlie. He is leaving her which he shouldn’t do. Destiny also wants the same thing that’s why I heard everything.

Aditya meets Imlie. He asks why Prakash didn’t stop her. Imlie says noone can stop her. Imlie asks him where were they? Aditya sees noone is there. He says you don’t deserve all this Imlie. Imlie says I am not getting anything. She keeps asking what’s going on but Aditya takes her with him from forest.

Dev says he always remembers Meethi. He felt a connection with Imlie and when he got to know that Imlie is his daughter he came here to take her with him. Meethi says she will never tell Imlie about him. He can leave. Dev says you don’t want to forgive me?

Imlie says Aditya she saw a car which looks like Dev’ car. She says she misses her father whenever she sees Malini with her father. She praises Dev. Aditya says how will he hide everything from her? How will he leave? Dev didnt fulfill his responsibility. He is also doing the same thing.

Dev says he will give his name to Imlie. Meethi says she doesn’t want Imlie starts hating her father after knowing the truth. Meethi gets shocked knowing that Dev had a wife already when he met Meethi. She cries saying I am getting to know that my relationship was illicit. I cant let Imlie know about it. She can get success on her own. She doesn’t need Dev’s name. Imlie is strong. Dev says what do you want ? Meethi says we don’t need money from you.

Imlie says she wants to find her mother. Aditya says she is not a child. She can come alone. Imlie says its easy for you to leave someone alone. Aditya says you think it’s easy for me to leave you like this? You want me to do this. I wanted to leave with you but you don’t want this. Imlie says you have to go back to Malini. She is waiting for you. Though I go with you but you can’t stay with me there. Aditya says so this is the last meeting of us.

Precap- Aditya says how he likes Imlie’s dauntless spirit. He praises her bravery and says she looks very pretty when she talks about her dignity her principles. He was about to express his feelings for her but Imlie keeps her hand on his mouth.

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