Imlie 26th November 2021 Written Update: Malini bribes Warden to throw out Imlie


Imlie 26th November 2021 Written Update.on

The episode starts with Imlie entering hostel. Warden questions her regarding why she hangsout with rich men as she saw her in big car. Imlie warns her not to cross limits but Warden keeps questioning her character and asks what amount she got from her boyfriend that’s why she left her husband too. She snatches Imlie’s bag and gets no money. Imlie says now must have learned that she has no money. Why a woman can’t work hard or talk to a man. Why she gets questioned if she is getting success. Being a working woman how can she question another working woman. Warden gets angry and says she will throw Imlie out of the hostel right now.

Aditya tells Nishant he will come late from office. Rupy tells him to go with them to meet Imlie but Aditya denies. Rupy says Malini won’t let them get united. Malini hears that and then she calls the Warden and the latter says she threw out Imlie. Malini says she will transfer the money. Malini says now Rupy can’t feel proud of Imlie as she won’t stay in the hostel. Aditya gets upset and reads Imlie’s article. Imlie walks in street alone and sings in shaking voice. She breaks down to tears. Imlie decides to call Aditya but recalls her promise that she won’t return back to him again. She gets call from Pagdandiya and Dulari talks to Imlie. Meethi says she suddenly sensed something bad so she called Imlie to know if she is fine. Imlie hides her pain and says she is working in office. Nothing is wrong.

Rupy and Nishant tell Tripathis that they are going to party with Imlie. They will be late. Rupy says Aditya is not coming as he is rude. Malini says Aditya is disappointed as his article didn’t get published on front page. His hard work has gone to waste. Aparna says Aditya is good hearted. He won’t be upset with Imlie. Nishant learns from Imlie party is cancelled. Malini thinks Imlie is lying but where she went now.

Aditya sticks Imlie’s article cut out on the wall and Aryan says Aditya is concerned about Imlie’s article maybe but he cares about business only. Aditya asks him why he doesn’t give same importance to other employees. Aryan gives a tricky reply. He tells Aditya to find something outside. Aditya doesn’t find it. Aryan finds a puppy and sees Imlie hiding behind a car. Aditya asks Aryan he is businessman still has humanity. Aryan says anything can be snatched from a human. Imlie gets inside the office and enters Aryan’s cabin. She turns on the light and gets out of his cabin. She rearranges stuffs on Aditya’s desk. Aditya comes back and sees something.

Precap – Aryan sees Imlie in wet hair. He asks her what she is doing in his office. Imlie gets afraid.

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