Imlie 26th November 2022 Written Update: Arto records everyone’s voices to prove Imlie’s innocence


Imlie 26th November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Imlie going to bring food for the family. Kia plays game with Arto’s siblings. Chini tries to take selfie with Arto but Rudra tells Imlie to pose for family picture. He asks Chini to click pictures. Rudra says Chini looks fit and fine so she can go back home as Arpita Sundar are missing her. Chini acts like she still has weakness. Imlie explains a game to the members there they have to play with the balloon with their heads and can’t touch them. Who will win will get a cake.

Chini goes to bring the cake and then notices Imlie and Arto are playing with the ball and Arto says they are spending time together and it’s fun. Chini feels jealous and she sets a decorated balloon on fire and the balloons start blasting. Arto saves Imlie and Chini starts screaming seeing fire. Arto saves her and Devika gets stuck in fire. Everyone gets worried for her, Imlie brings water pipe whereas Shivani thinks she is running away. Devika gets saved.

Sundar shows picnic pictures to Rupy and Arpita. Arpita says Chini looks fine so they should bring her back. Rupy says Chini has to meet the guy for marriage as well. Ranas discuss who ordered the grade two balloons and that’s why it caught fire. Kia blames Imlie and they call the shopkeeper. Rudra says he will punish the culprit. Shopkeeper says two people called him. They ordered grade one and two balloons. Imlie says she was science topper in school and though she doesnt know English much but she knows the difference of gases.

Arto supports Imlie and he clears everyone’s doubts by calling the shopkeeper again. Shopkeeper says two different people called him. Second person was not Imlie. Rudra says they can’t punish someone by guessing. Arto records everyone’s voices to prove that Imlie is innocent. Kia says what’s the need. Arto still ask everyone to talk to records them.

Chini smirks and she coughs when a balloon bursts. Shivani tells Kia that Imlie will get caught when the shopkeeper will recognise her voice. Shopkeeper hears the voices and blames Imlie saying he only heard her voice not anyone else’s. Rudra gets shocked and Shivani says it’s proved Imlie is lying. Chini smiles.

Precap – Imlie scolds Chini for trying to harm Rana’s by committing such a huge mistake. Rudra says Chini needs treatment. Chini requests Imlie not to let her leave.

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