Imlie 26th October 2021 Written Update: Pranav and Adarsh Kant gets Arrested


Imlie 26th October 2021 Written Update on

The Episode begins with them doing the Pooja. Imlie gestures to the girl. She calls Pranav and asks him to take blessings. He does as asked. She asks them to give blessings more hard. She gestures to Rhea and she beats him hard because of which the pendrive falls down. Adarsh calls Pranav and tells him that he is coming. He is about to leave but Rupali comes to him with a glass. He leaves from there not caring because of which the glass falls. Pranav keeps his hand in his pocket to give the pendrive but he doesn’t get it.

He goes inside to see the girls passing Pendrive to Imlie. He runs to them and catches their hand and opens their fist but he sees nothing. Pranav ssys that he remembered about it. He then sees them passing the pendrive to Imlie. Rupali takes the pendrive before her. He thanks Rupali. He asks her for it but Imlie comes and asks to stop. She ssys this is Adithya’s pendrive. He says she is blaming him again and says that she is jealous of him. Rupali remembers his attitude and words.

Rupali asks him about their favourite memory. He ssys he doesn’t know. She ssys he has sais that he has come for her. She ssys he lied. He asks her to trust him. She says he has trust but not in him. She says that he won’t get it. She asks Imlie for her favourite memory. Imlie asks her not to keep it her favourite memory any more. Rupali laughs as she insults him. Pranav confesses his intentions and mocks her. He calls her stupid. He then insults Imlie. She asks him how dare he humiliate Rupali.

Rupali says now it’s her time to say. She ssys he is stupid. She says she was silent for her daughter. She says how will he understand the love. She says that she is leaving him and she is starting her life again. He laughs hearing her. He says what dialougue she has said and says that if he slaps she will forget everything. He asks her for pendrive. Rupali throws it to Imlie. He is about to slap Rupali but Imlie stops him. She fights with him and slaps him continuosly. She punches him in the face. Rupali gives her a broom and she beats him with it. The Police comes there and arrests him as she says he is involved with the drug dealer. He promises to ruin her. A girl gives a pendrive to Adarsh where he plays it and Imlie greets him. The Police comes there and arrests him as well. The family gets happy as Adithya comes there. Aparna hugs him.

Rupali says she has wasted her time by trusting Pranav. Imlie says that a woman doesn’t need a man and Adithya supports her. Radha and Harsh apologise to her. He hugs her. Aparna says to Harsh that Rupali should be praised for her courage. Pankaj says that they should praise Imlie’s courage as well. Aparna says that she has tried to talk with Imlie but she doesn’t understand how to say it. She says whenever she sees them together she feels bad because she always used to come to her. Pankaj says that she doesn’t want to hear her apology. He says whenever she entered their life and fulfilled her duties. He asks her to keep her hand on Imlie’s head. Aparna agrees with him and says she doesn’t want to be late. She says she is thinking to give all the rights to her but in a different and Imlie way. Pankaj asks her what she thought. The Screen Freezes.

Precap: Malini asks Aparna what surprise she has planned for Imlie to which she says that she wants to correct her mistakes. She says she has always considered Mother but if she stays silent she would be none. Adithya asks her whether she is ready to accept Imlie. Malini breaks things and saya she won’t let her win and she needs to leave. She burns her picture.

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