Imlie 27th July 2022 Written Update: Malini gets angry at Girish for not executing the plan


Imlie 27th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chini scolding Girish for abducting her. She questions him why he put her in the bag ? Girish warns her not to speak else he will kill her but she keeps on talking and says Imlie will come here to save her. Chini waits for Imlie’s arrival soon else she cant handle the situation for long.

Malini says Girish should reach Delhi so that they can execute their plan by blackmailing the reporter. Malini learns from Girish that he couldn’t leave Pagdandiya yet and Police is searching for him. Malini says if Girish stays there for whole night then Aryan and Imlie will meet each other for sure. She can’t let that happen. Malini leaves.

Chini tries to attack Girish but he tries to beat her. Aryan arrives in style and Girish gets shocked to see him. He asks Aryan the latter shouldn’t have come here. He tries to break a bottle on Aryan’s head but he safeguards himself with hand. He stops Girish from attacking him and punches him. Chini likes how Aryan is fighting like a hero. Aryan understands he has to distract Girish to save Chini. He lifts Chini up and ties her with himself. Rathods worry for Aryan,

Arpita says she can’t stand this silence in this house anymore. Imlie should return back soon. Gudiya says why Aryan can’t move on in his life. He has better options to marry as well. Malini arrives and says the reason behind her sudden visit is to ask Rathods how r they as Aryan is absent and they must be worried for him.

Arpita says Malini has the habit of coming without invitation. Narmada tells Malini to eat something and the latter spikes the daal so that everyone falls sick. Jaggu breaks the pot by mistake and Malini shouts at him. Arpita says she can’t talk to her son like that. Malini starts her drama that she was a mother too and Jaggu could have got hurt by those broken pieces of the pot so she scolded him. She can’t see a child suffering. Malini thinks now what she can do at the last moment to call Aryan back.

Imlie bumps into Girish while he runs away. Imlie tries to catch him but then goes to see Chini. Aryan wears his shoes and Chini talks to him. She says Sita Maiya must have sent him for her rescue. Chini’s talk reminds Aryan of Imlie. He likes her and shakes hand saying he is happy to meet her. Chini asks his name and refuses to give her introduction first. Imlie opens a door and sees its empty. There police comes to Aryan and thanks him for saving Chini as her mother is really worried.

Girish informs Malini that a saviour came for Chini and rescued her after beating him. Malini tells him to run away and if he reveals her name or gets caught then she will kill him. She gets irked thinking the plan didn’t work. Imlie hugs Chini and the latter says she should thank the person who saved her. Imlie says that doesn’t matter but Chini is safe that is everything for her.

Precap- Imlie and Chini go to the lodge to meet the person who saved Chini. She knocks on the door of Aryan’s room and before Imlie could meet him Police talks to her. Aryan sees her from behind and gets shocked. He tries to call her.

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