Imlie 27th November 2022 Written Update: Chini fools Imlie with her acting after getting caught


Imlie 27th November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with the shopkeeper telling that the lady who is coughing is the voice he heard. She called him after Imlie and ordered for the grade two balloons. Chini is left shocked to hear that. Imlie confirms that she also heard Chini’s coughing sound. Rudra says it means Chini did all these, he and Devika demand explanationa from her. Devika says why she was quite when everyone was accusing Imlie.

Chini starts her drama and cries. She says whatever she does or says nowadays she forgets very easily. She is really feeling weak and she can’t understand why she made such a huge mistake. She blackmails lmlie emotionally that she took care of the latter in childhood and Imlie is scared of crowd so she never left her alone but held her hand always. Imlie still stares at her with doubt and Chini says she can’t see doubt for herself in Imlie’ eyes. She leaves upset. Rudra tells Devika that Chini fooled Imlie again but to throw Chini out they need to follow her strategy only.

A maid splashes some water on Anu by mistake. Anu gets irked and she taunts her for ruining her saree. Arpita teases Anu and Rupy says maid didn’t have idea about Anu’s sudden visit. Anu says she wants to take away more of Chini’s clothes and shoes. Rupy says they will bring back Chini tomorrow and she will stay in her house only not in Rana house. Rupy says they will take decision for Chini not Anu. Anu leaves angrily. Imlie feel sad thinking about Chini. Arto comes and he says he can understand her love for her sister. She always supports Chini.

Imlie replies Chini knows how does it feel to lose someone as she lost her Imlie and Aryan. Imlie says Chini went through a lot and she thanks Arto for not doubting her once. Arto keeps her hand on his chest saying he trusts his music and her heart is pure like music so he trusts her too. Imlie goes to Chini. She hugs her and Chini says she is in guilt. She shouldn’t have argued with Imlie in front of her in laws. Imlie forgives her and Chini smirks thinking it’s easy to fool Imlie and now she will fool Rana’s with the excuse of her health.

Next day Imlie asks Chini if she is okay. Chini says she couldn’t sleep properly, she hopes she gets better soon. Rudra says Chini needs to go to treatment centre as her health is getting worse than they imagined. He calls some people from the treatment centre and Chini gets shocked. Imlie asks Rudra but she can make Chini better, Rudra says they are in trauma after yesterday’s incident so they can’t take risk anymore. Chini will receive better treatment in the centre.

Precap- Arto tells Rudra that Chini wont go anywhere. Imlie requests Rudra but in vain. Rudra says Chini can be sent to jail for her deed so it’s better she goes to the treatment centre.

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