Imlie 28th February 2023 Written Update: Anu accuses Imlie of betraying her family


Imlie 28th February 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie asking Sita Maiya to give her one more chance to save her job. Chini gathers all the family members and asks if they can show Imlie her wedding video to make her happy. She won’t try to recall her anything as it gave her stress. Rudra likes the idea saying Imlie will be happy. Arpita says it’s nice to see how Chini is taking care of Imlie nowadays. Imlie comes and Chini says if she is planning to go somewhere else? They planned to watch her wedding video. Imlie thinks she knows Chini called this gathering knowingly. Imlie says nothing is important than Arto for her. So she will enjoy watching the video with popcorn.

Imlie worries thinking someone else will get selected in the interview and she has to go to office. Chini waits for Imlie to go out of the house once. Devika sees Kia and Akash are going to watch movie. She asks them to join the family. Kia says they can’t roam around Imlie all the time, they have their own life too. Imlie tells Devika to let them go. Imlie bumps into Chini and the latter taunts her saying she learned many things from her sister. Imlie welcomes Anu in the house and says that the latter cares for her thus she came here to watch the wedding video. Imlie gives her a kiss and Anu gets irked.

Anu tells Chini why Imlie is sitting relaxed and not going to office to check her job. The video has been played and the garland exchange video is shown where Chini is standing with Arto. Chini suddenly says she is looking good with Arto. Arto tells that it’s not that important, they should skip it. Imlie thinks she is just trying to look relaxed but in mind she is tensed for her job. Arto thinks he feels guilty for cheating on her after marriage. Imlie thinks if she had idea she would have understood Arto is not happy with the wedding. After sometime Anu and Chini see that Imlie left.

Anu tells everyone that Imlie is a liar and thus she left for office to save her job. She didn’t lose her memory. Chini acts like she can’t believe Imlie can do it. Anu says Chini is really innocent. Arto shouts at Anu for talking rubbish. They all search for Imlie in the house but can’t find her. Arto hears Imlie is singing in the bathroom. He informs everyone that Imlie is not acting but she is in the washroom. Chini and Anu get shocked and later they all hear Imlie’s song outside the washroom. Arto sees Imlie sent him a text stating she is washing her clothes as juice fell on it. He thinks why he didn’t notice her text before. Chini thinks something is wrong, there Imlie comes out of the Rana Residence in disguise of a Punjabi guy. She thinks she understands Chini’s mindset so neither she will lose her job nor she will let Chini break her family. Imlie overhears Shivani is scolding someone over call. She thinks whom Shivani is talking to. Shivani asks her who is she? To which Imlie says she is decorator. Shivani asks her to leave.

Imlie recalls how she made the set up in the washroom before leaving so that it seems like she is inside. She reaches office and sees how to attend the interview as soon as possible. She has to return back home as well. She fakes illness in front of the other candidates and says she wants to give the interview first. There one staff takes out things from Imlie’s bag and Imlie stops him and calls his name. He asks her how come she knows his name? Imlie gets nervous.

Episode ends

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