Imlie 28th July 2022 Written Update: Chini argues with the villagers to get inside the temple


Imlie 28th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chini taking Imlie to Aryan’s room saying they should thank him by meeting him. Aryan feels Imlie’s presence and he brings out her anklet from his wallet. He sees that and recalls a moment. In flashback Aryan says Imlie has no idea since when he is keeping her anklet with him. Imlie feels happy and insists Aryan to tell from when is he doing that? Is it before marriage? Aryan nods and later Aryan gets romantic with her and says she is perfect for him just how the anklet is.

Imlie says but the anklet is faded and it’s parts got broken. Aryan says if she sees from his eyes it is still beautiful. He pulls her closer and Imlie but she doesn’t have anything which will remind her of him. She takes his kerchief and sprays perfume on it. She says this fragrance will remind her of Aryan. Aryan says but the fragrance will go away. She says before that he will come back to him. They hug each other and Flashback ends.

Aryan thinks why does he feel like Imlie is near him. Imlie knocks on his door and he opens it. He sees her from behind but she gets busy in talking to police. She signs on a paper which will help them carry on the investigation. Aryan gets Malini’s call and asks her why is she calling repeatedly? She says because he left everything here without thinking about his company’s reputation. Aryan says she never needed his help then why does she need it now? He says he won’t come back until he destroys the image of the news channel which went against Bhaskar Times.

Chini is about to call him but Imlie says he might be busy in call so they will meet him later. Malini gets angry as her plan flopped and Aryan is not coming back. Anu suggests her to marry Aryan to control him. Malini says marriage is not the only way but she has other ways to control him. She even used her child to separate him and Imlie so she can do anything.

Arpita and Narmada watch the protest on TV. Narmada says noone questioned Aryan’s work before. Arpita says this time Aryan and Imlie should get united and destiny wants that too. Narmada hopes for the best. Chini requests Imlie to go to Sita Maiya’s temple but Imlie recalls how the villagers didn’t let her enter the temple with child Chini five years ago.

.They called her as bad omen, her husbands didn’t accept her and now she brought an unnamed kid as well. They told her strictly not to go to temple. In present Chini forces her but the villages block their way. Chini warns them not to prevent them from going to Sita Maiya. Imlie tells her to leave but the latter denies.

Aryan goes to the news channel office and asks Kamal about the information of the reporter. Her address name etx. He also wants to know who talked to him rudely over phone. Kamal says he will maintain the privacy and his reporter is honest. The news is not fake. Aryan says he can call the reporter here then else he will destroy the whole village.

Chini tries to convince the villagers with her antics. She asks the lady online if she has idea why can’t they enter the temple. The voice says no. Chini says even she doesn’t know then who are the villagers to stop them from going to temple.

Precap- Aryan challenges Imlie that she can’t win over him. She is playing with the fire. Imlie says this time she won’t apologise to him and she has fire inside her. Aryan says he won’t leave without getting her apology.

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