Imlie 29th July 2022 Written Update: Anu gives poisonous drink to Narmada


Imlie 29th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chini telling the villagers that they will go to Sita Maiya for sure. Villagers warn Imlie to stop Chini from arguing with them. Imlie assures them that she is not entering the temple, they may leave. Chini asks Imlie why she accepted her defeat when she teaches her about girl power. Imlie replies Sita Maiya doesn’t always stay in temples but she stays inside us.

Chini still goes to pray and then leaves with Imlie without taking the Prasad. Imlie drops her at home and tells her not to go anywhere now. Imlie learns from her boss that someone came to meet her urgently. He is threatening to close their news channel in Pagdandiya. Imlie says noone has the right to do that. She goes to meet Aryan. Aryan waits for the reporter and Imlie’s sandal gets broken just before entering the office so she takes time to fix it.

Aryan loses patience and leaves saying the reporter doesnt value time at all so he can’t wait anymore. He leaves and fails to see Imlie. Chini goes to the temple to take the Prasad ignoring Imlie’s warning. She finds Aryan is leaving. She calls him as Hero and he comes to her. He asks her why she is roaming around alone when he just saved her from goons. Its not safe for her.

She teases him saying he got lost in this village maybe. He says he will contact her mother, Chini requests him not to do so as she disobeyed Imlie. She gives him Prasad and says she knows everyone in this village. Aryan feels Chini might take him to the reporter whom he is searching for. He asks her to do that and Chini agrees. She says the reporter is honest, she knows her. Aryan says Chini is too little to understand such things.

Imlie asks Kamal why did he leave when he was waiting for her. Kamal says he was from Bhaskar Times and seemed a rich person. She gets flashes of Aryan and thinks who the person was then. Anu throws a kitty party at Rathod Mansion and Arpita tells Narmada that it’s not good to enjoy a party when Aryan is tensed. Anu says she did that to lift up their mood only. One guest assumes that Malini is Aryan’s wife but Arpita says she is just a business partner nothing else. Anu says but Malini and Aryan really compliment each other a lot.

Malini calls Anu and tells her to finish her work without wasting time. Anu says she is doing it. She then spikes a drink and offers it to Narmada. Narmada drinks it and Anu tells Malini her job is done. Aryan says to Chini that he will gift her many toy boxes if she takes him to the reporter.

She says he can’t bribe her. She asks the lady online about the word reporter to which he says he will teach her all unknown words she wants. She won’t need to take help from the online lady. Chini says then she will blindfold him first as he can’t see the address of the reporter for privacy reasons. She blindfolds him when he lifts her up.

Narmada falls sick and everyone worries for her. Anu calls Malini and asks her to visit Rathod Mansion. Malini thinks now she can call Aryan back. Imlie learns from an employee that Chini went out with a city guy. She fears that it might be Girish. She gets upset with Chini and goes to see her. She finds an expensive watch on street and wonders whose it is.

Chini brings Aryan home and makes him sit. She ties up his hands saying he can’t beat people now. She shares her school stories and reveals it’s her own house. Aryan says but he wants to meet the reporter. Chini asks him to wait and goes to bring food for him. But she sees nothing is left.

Precap – Aryan tells Imlie to apologise for her act, Imlie says she won’t. Aryan says she is playing with the fire. She says she is fire herself and he can’t challenge her. They both challenge each other and leave being adamant.

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