Imlie 29th March 2021 Written Update: Malini falls unconscious


Imlie 29th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Aditya entering his room. He asks Sundar where’s Malini? Sundar says Malini left the house. Aditya gets shocked. Aparna comes and says if someone went without informing you are feeling bad? She says Aditya lied to everyone, Malini went to his office, she got to know Aditya had no professional work. He was missing for four days. He didn’t even call Malini. So why does he expect that his mother will welcome him with aarti thali? She says I couldnt give you good upbringing. Thats why you treated your wife this way. Aditya says if he could say where he went , he would have told. Aparna says I am really feeling ashamed of what you did.

Dev knocks at Malini’s room door. Malini was about to open the door but she falls unconscious. Dev sneaks into her room and calls everyone. Anu and Dev mom come there.

Imlie misses Aditya and thinks why does she keep remembering him. Aditya forgot her after meeting Malini. She didn’t even give her moti roti to Aditya. She says I already got so much happiness in two days. I should not want anything more. Imlie recalls how Aditya taught her to spell everything correctly. Imlie starts pronouncing everything wrongly.

Aditya comes and stops her saying what are you doing? Imlie hugs him. Aditya says I am scolding you that’s why you are crying. Imlie says I can’t stay without you Babusaheb. Please stay back. Its getting tough for me. Aditya says then why didn’t you stop me? I have no solution of your problem now. Imlie’s dream ends. She cries. She says she know Malini has right on him. She says sorry to Sita Maiya. She says at least in next life she should get the opportunity to say to everyone that Babusaheb is hers only.

Anu scolds Malini saying why is she getting upset for Aditya. When he doesn’t want to contact her. He hurt her. Anu says she won’t let Malini go to Tripathi house. Aditya hasnt come here to meet her yet. Dev says Malini should take rest. Or she can go for holiday. Malini says she wants to wait for Aditya. She doesn’t want to take revenge from him. Anu says I am fed up with you. If he can go without informing you, you can’t even spend time with your family. Malini thinks she is afraid as well whether Aditya will come back or not.

Aditya boss calls Aditya and says he knows everything about him. How villagers forced him to get married to Imlie. Aditya gets shocked. His boss says you are doing wrong to Malini. She doesn’t deserve all these. Though I lied to her about you. Aditya says Imlie and I are also innocent. We haven’t done anything wrong. His boss says means you have chosen who you want to stay with. But don’t hurt Malini. Aditya thinks what he will do. Malini also deserves to know the truth. Imlie has suffered a lot as well.

Meethi and Prakash come to Imlie. Meethi thinks Imlie is missing Aditya. Meethi says I bought jalebi for you as you are upset. Imlie says look I am very happy, I have everyone here. But why I am missing him so much. Why I am feeling empty. Meethi says then why don’t you call him? Prakash says you can’t even remember his number. Imlie recalls how Aditya wrote his number on her hands and told her to call him. Imlie memorized it.

Aditya meets Anu and she talks to him rudely. She tells why you married Malini when you dont care for her. She is not well. Doctor checked her. Imlie calls Aditya but he cuts the call. He rushes to see Malini. Imlie gets upset. She says maybe Aditya is in office so he couldn’t pick up the call. She thinks guess he is not missing her much as he is with Malini.

Prakash asks Imlie Aditya is not kid. Seems like you are only worried for him. Are you hiding something ? As I got to know that Aditya had some other girl in his life. I don’t understand how his family accepted you so easily. Imlie says why do you think like this. Aditya loves me.

Prakash says you have everything but Aditya belongs to city, he didn’t give you anything. Imlie says Aditya gave me everything which you can’t understand. He fought for me. He cared for me. Prakash says then why you are worried as if Aditya is with someone else. Are you compromising something. Imlie warns him saying he won’t cross his limits again. She thinks Aditya should be with Malini only.

Precap- Malini calls back Prakash seeing missed call. She says she is Aditya’s wife. Prakash gets shocked hearing that. Imlie sees him.

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